As previously stated, the Great Cosmic Law has given to the Spiritual Hierarchy of this Planet a period of twenty years in which to awaken all the lifestreams embodied on Earth to the necessity of emitting more Light and thus avoid the eventual possibility of the Earth's dissolution.

This ultimatum, as we have seen, brought the Hierarchy to an impasse, and realizing the well-nigh impossibility of bringing a distorted humanity to this desired level, in the allotted time, decided to use means hitherto thought unconventional for the Hierarchy. One of them was the opening of the Masters Retreats to qualified students who would not only be themselves benefited by the approach, but by using the knowledge thus gained would impart it to others.

This idea of opening the Retreats of the Masters to students, being introduced by the Chohan Morya, was immediately endorsed by the Maha Chohan Who, to amplify the blessings of the Retreats to all mankind, proposed the further idea of drawing the students together through the rhythmic use of their breath-energy, and thus become co-workers with the Masters of Wisdom.

They would do this by gathering together in groups, all over the world, once every month and consciously Inbreath, Absorb, Expand and Project the Radiation which was projected by the Retreat, especially designed for that month. This would create a transmission line, similar to that employed by the radio and television companies, who transmit programs across the face of the globe by means of transmitting stations, which "pick up" the original beams of energy, revitalize them and direct them onward in their progressive course toward a given goal.

These "stations" were established at central points around the globe and always are at a Masters' Retreat. When a particular Retreat is active and projects its Radiation, as it travels to the "station" nearest to it, it is immediately taken up by the students close to that station, who give it, through their breath, additional impetus in its progress; other students doing the same thing as it circles, from "station" to "station", around the globe. As an example, let's take "Shamballa" at Long island, as being the Retreat of the month. The first "station" to receive its Radiation going Eastward, will be the Retreat of Elohim Hercules, at Zurich. The students there will "inbreath, absorb, expand and project" it to the next one which will be the Retreat of "Mighty Victory" at the British Isles; it will be repeated as before and moved to Marseilles Retreat of the Chohan of the Third Ray, Lady Master Rowena: similarly it will proceed to Crete, the Holy Land, Luxor, Madagascar; Ceylon, Kashmir, Darjeeling, Himalaya, Peking, Fujiyama, Suva, Lake Titicaca, Cuba, Yucatan, Royal Teton, Lake Louise, and come back to its original source at Shamballa, at Long Island, N.Y., to be repeated again and again for thirty minutes, starting at nine o'clock p.m. Eastern Standard Time. The official date set for this on each month is the fifteenth day of the month, provided it is Saturday. If not, the immediate next Saturday at the same hour.

Courtesy "The Bridge to Freedom"

The above is as the Transmission Flame Activity is operating at present. At the beginning it was a little slower but nevertheless, it was so active and encouraging as to bring the following words of comment to its initiator, the Maha Chohan:

"---The reception of this idea, and its subsequent development with the tremendous benefits to the race, to the atmosphere of Earth and to the three evolutions progressing upon the Planet, is a marvelous proof to the Cosmic Law that mankind is interested in helping itself, that among incarnate lifestreams are many who will cooperate when the outer consciousness is given opportunity to do so."

Thus the Transmission Flame Activity had its inception and development and thus the Retreats of the Masters of Light and Wisdom, not only became known to students but were actively opened to anyone who cared to partake in the Transmission Activity, visit them in his finer bodies, while in sleep, and actually become a coworker with the Spiritual Hierarchy, in the redemption of the Earth.


A Retreat is a concentrated focus of energy, made up of the qualities and energies of every member who has ever been a part of it. The purpose of its maintaining it open to the outer consciousness of mankind, is mainly to magnetize, maintain, and project the positive consciousness of God's Will in the atmosphere of Earth. Also, to neutralize the negative acceptance of every possible distortion of Truth which finds its origin in the minds of men, and which is presented as God's Will upon the world.

Each Retreat has its own special sphere of influence which becomes a spiritual aura, made up of the qualities and energies of every member who has ever been a part of it. The members of these Retreats, who have Ascended from within them into the Eternal Light, have left the ladders made up of Their Own prayers, disciplines, abstinences and illumination behind them, as a heritage, so that every succeeding member had the strength of Their victory as an added impetus to his own Light.

Here is how the Maha Chohan presents Their function and energy.("Bulletin", Vol. 3, #4)

"---The Retreats as radiating foci, have been the salvation of mankind1 because They have been the dissolving alchemy that has consumed great quantities of the effluvia of human discord. These spheres of influence, or forcefields, vary in size, according to the number of members who have made the Ascension from them, according to the number and consciousness of those who still serve within the Retreat, the type of service they render, and the length of time they have been established. These Retreats and Sanctuaries were established at strategic points across the surface of the Earth under the direction of the God-Beings Who felt that certain points must have protection and radiation to hold the balance for the entire sphere. At inner levels, many individuals who were interested in mankind's greater good, ofttimes volunteered to take into their bodies a concentration of a certain ray and then literally dived down into the astral and psychic realms and into physical incarnation and pinned that ray into the Earth through their flesh bodies. Such individuals magnetized these locations in the very first place. Your Beloved Jesus rendered this service many times. He magnetized those places in Jerusalem and Golgotha and Bethany. He also magnetized places through continental Europe; in various places in England and in Asia that have not yet been activated by drawing currents through His Own body and standing in the silence for seven long years until there were literally light plants set into the Earth where His feet stood. Some of these were activated by Himself and Mary later in Jerusalem and Lourdes and many more will be picked up by sensitive lifestreams in this present century and the centuries yet to come.

Sitting one day, some time back and looking at the Beloved Morya's initial endeavor to acquaint mankind with the existence of the Retreats, I came upon the idea of having the student body gather all over the world and, breathing in the Flame of the Quality as the Retreat is opened - feel the pressure - and pull it out as you would pull a tent so to speak, and set it up with the pegs at the far end, and so the students in Asia, Africa, Australia, Continental Europe, the British Isles, and North, South and Central America are now pulling the sphere of influence of each Retreat, securely fastening it in places with the pegs of their energies, and making it world-wide and worldengulfing. Everyone is helping and pulling through concentrated effort and you can see how this activity can readily transform the planet. You can see then how Our hearts thrill with gratitude and happiness.

Instead of reading and studying the metaphysical and occult literature that deals with activities that have ceased to vibrate through the ethers hundreds or thousands of years ago, we are asking mankind to participate in the current activities of the day consciously and it is because of your intelligent grasp of the need of the hour and your wholehearted cooperation with Us that We have come through the veil and met you halfway---."

As concentrated centers of energy, the Retreats are helping mankind to rise to its pre-ordained destiny. Their Members, being highly evolved, can and do magnetize Prime Essence from the Universal which They enliven and ensoul with the radiation and energy of a given God quality and which They have undertaken to transmit to the feeling, mental, etheric and physical bodies of mankind. Just as the sun magnetizes and draws prime energy from the Great Central Sun, the source of all there is in our Universe, and radiates it into life producing energy, light, heat, etc., in the System, so with the Retreats, but to a lesser extent. They draw energy which They radiate into mankind.

Practically every Retreat has a special developed quality which it can radiate in a manner peculiar to itself, but always in accordance with God's Will, as it makes itself known at a certain time. In the Retreat of Liberty, for instance, located in Southern France, we see this amply exemplified. Here is how Its (then) Chohan, Paul the Venetian, in an address He gave to the students of "The Bridge to Freedom", August 15, 1957, presents it.("Bulletin", Vol. 6, #21)

"---Whenever any of the Chohans signifies that there is a chela who is ready to do something unselfishly for the benefit of the masses We, immediately, open the doors of Our Retreat to such a one, and at once draw the power of the Liberty Flame into the lifestream of such a one to give him assistance.

Thus many good men in your field of inventions, medical activities and ministration through orthodox channels, as well as the great educators and political leaders are at inner levels at night Our guests and the Flame within their hearts is bathed in substance - that substance is provided by a group of Beings belonging to Our Brotherhood. The individual, if he is not cognizant (as you are) of the 'Chateau de Liberte', is brought in his sleep and is usually unconscious when carried by the Angels into the Retreat.

So We have provided for them these lovely couches covered with pink velvet, they are done in the French design with the raised framework scroll at either end. Then these individuals are placed on the couches. Their physical bodies are asleep and the Angels and the Ministering Beings from Our Retreat then direct the Pink Flame into those bodies, into the Flame in their hearts. You can see the Immortal Three-fold Flame in their hearts beginning to expand during his activity. It has to be done very carefully and slowly because We have to return that etheric body into a flesh form that has not made application, you understand, and knows nothing of the use of the Violet Fire. If We expand this Flame too much and try to get It back into the atomic structure (physical body) there would be a tremendous strain on the physical vehicle. We have to very slowly accelerate that Flame and We call the Illuminating Flame through the mind of such a one. Meantime, so intricate and so kindly is the service of the Law that while the Beings are working on the etheric consciousness and expanding the Flame in the heart of the soul who is within the Liberty Chateau; at the same time there are two Beings guarding the physical form of that individual. As there is no time or space and They have an activity which you would call telepathy, They can also see the individuals who are guarding the etheric consciousness and They also begin to expand the Light in the physical form trying to keep it tuned up as much as the inner body is being tuned up in Our Retreat.

It is a wonderful service and then, when the inner body is returned to its "case" in the morning, the atomic structure has been prepared to receive it. If the etheric and inner consciousness is too accelerated and nobody took care of accelerating the vibratory action of the flesh structure, when the soul came back it would just really burst the atomic structure asunder. It would be very, very painful physically and very distressing to the mind itself---."

At the close of each year (December 31st) a new "thoughtform" is designed by the Sun of our System and is given to the Silent Watcher of our Planet. The Silent Watcher then lowers it into the uplifted consciousness of the Lord of the World, Who, in turn, projects it into the expectant consciousness of the Great White Brotherhood. From then on, this thoughtform becomes the collective endeavor to be followed by all members of the Brotherhood for the next twelve months ahead. Since this thoughtform is not received by the Lord of the World till December 31, He does not design the Pattern of Retreats to be visited for the next year until January 1st. He chooses those Retreats to be the successive steps in the service of the year which will best out-picture the Divine Will in action, through Their particular momentum of Power. The best known Retreats are the following:

The Retreat of Resurrection, in Arabia, with Jesus the Christ and Mother Mary as Hierarchs. It opened Its gates to mankind March 15, 1952.

The Retreat of the Blue Lotus, on the Himalaya Mountains; Hierarch, Lord Himalaya. It was opened to the world April 15, 1952.

The Retreat of Comfort in Ceylon, under the Guidance of the Maha Chohan. It opened to mankind May 15, 1952.

The Rocky Mountain Retreat, at the Royal Teton, Wyoming, U.S.A.; opened June 15, 1952. It is in this vicinity where the first human sub-race, with its Manu, landed on Earth, after passing through the Seven Spheres. Because of its Flame of Precipitation, it often is called "The Temple of Precipitation".2

The Retreat at Transylvania, known as the Temple of Freedom, opened to human consciousness July 15, 1952; Hierarch, Saint Germain.

In addition to the above, there is another Focus of Light of Saint Germain, in the Rocky Mountains, and is known as "The Cave of Symbols".

The Retreat of Illumination, also known as "Mount of Attainment", is located near Lake Titicaca, in the Andes Mountains, and is under the directorship of God Meru. It is in this Retreat where the "Feminine Ray" is anchored, while the "Masculine Ray", as we know, is anchored in the Retreat of God Himalaya, in the Himalayan Mountains. It was opened to the world August 15, 1952.

The Retreat at Luxor, Egypt, known as The Ascension Temple, Hierarch, Serapis Bey, opened to the consciousness of mankind September 15, 1952.

The Retreat of the Cosmic Being Surya, located northeast of the island Suva, opened to the world October 15, 1952. Originally, this spot was the top of a mountain, before the sinking of Lemuria, and it was there that the Fourth Root Race landed.

The Retreat at Shamballa, "The Temple of Eternal Truth", formerly located in the Gobi Desert, under the Divine Guidance of the Lord of the World, opened its gates to the world on November 15, 1952.3

The Retreat of Mercy and Forgiveness of the Mighty Goddess Kuan Yin, is located at Peking, China, and was opened to the world February 15, 1953.

The Retreat of Wisdom and Illumination in Kashmir, India; the Master Kuthumi, Hierarch, presently the Cosmic Teacher with Lanto; opened March 15, 1953.

The Retreat of God's Will, at Darjeeling, India, opened to the world April 15, 1953; Hierarch, Chohan El Morya.

The Temple of Liberty, at the Chateau de Liberte', is located on the Rhone River, in Southern France; Hierarch now, Ascended Lady Master Rowena. She succeeded Paul the Venetian Who became the Maha Chohan. It opened its gates to the world September 15, 1953.4

The Retreat at the Island of Crete, "The Temple of Truth", opened its gates to the world, October 15, 1953; Hierarch, Chohan Hilarion.

The Retreat of Faith and Protection, located near Lake Louise, in the Canadian Rockies, is the focus of Archangel Michael. Established with the first descent of man in this Earth, millions of years ago, it opened its gates to human consciousness once again on January 21, 1956 on the occasion of Sanat Kumara's return to Venus.

The Temple of Purification, through the Sacred Fire, on the Island of Cuba; Hierarch, the Archangel Zadkiel, was opened to the world October 15, 1957.

The Temple of Protection and Power at Zurich, Switzerland; Hierarch, the Elohim Hercules. (There is another Focus of Light of Hercules, near Yosemite Park, in California.)

The Temple of Harmony, on the Island of Madagascar; Hierarch, the Cosmic Being La Moray.

The Temple of the Golden Sun, representing the "Eternal Light of God", at Yucatan, Mount Uxmal, Mexico: Hierarch, Kenich Ahan.5

In addition to the above, there are several other Retreats and Foci of Light which, though active, they are not, generally well known. One of them is the Retreat of God Tabor, located at the Rocky Mountains, U.S.A. As we know, God Tabor is the Great Being Who oversees and governs the great mountain range of the Rockies. Another is the Secret Valley, near Tucson, Arizona, directed by the Ascended Master Eriel. The Temple of the Sacred Flame of Divine Alchemy, in the mountain Fuji, Fujiyama, Japan; Hierarch, the Ascended Master Kamacura.

The Palace of Light of Ascended Master Chanada and His sister Najah, in the Himalayan Mountains. The Cave of Light is the Focus of the Great Cosmic Being, Lord Saithrhu, known as The Great Divine Director. He is the Manu of the Seventh Root Race, and He is one of the Great Cosmic Beings Who is actively engaged in promoting the New Age, and bringing Peace out of Chaos in this trouble-ridden world. Though this Retreat is not as active as others, mankind owes a tremendous debt and gratitude to both the Retreat and Its Hierarch, the Great Lord Saithrhu.

The Palace of White Marble, in the interior of India. The Shrine of Glory, in the Andes Mountains, under the guidance of Goddess of Light. The Retreat of the Brotherhood of Mount Shasta, as well as the other on Mount Whitney, both in California. The Retreat of the Victorious Accomplishment in Ireland; Hierarch, the Mighty Victory. In addition to the above, there are others, of various stature, all over the world, some of them very ancient. In France, for instance, besides the Temple of Liberty, there are other Foci, belonging to Beloved Leto, Chohan Nada, and others of the Ascended Host. In Australia, there are two foci. One of David Loyd's and the other of Lord Lemuel. The latter is a great Angelic Radiating Center of the Devarajahs - Divine Rulers - and has been there since man's descent to the Earth. It opened its gates to the consciousness of man, October 15, 1971. In Africa, towards the south, there is a branch of the Brothers of Hope.

In addition to the Retreats, some of which are on the surface of the Earth, while others on Etheric levels, there are Foci of Light Whose Powers is of colossal dimensions. These Foci serve independently and are directed by Great Cosmic Beings Who concentrate there Their Light and magnitude to help mankind. One of these is "The Secret Love Star" from which Ascended Masters and others draw, at any moment, whatever additional powers they may need for a certain purpose. On the others, above the Earth, there are fourteen Etheric Cities, which are located in certain Points; seven above the oceans, and seven above the great deserts, such as Sahara, Gobi, Arizona, 6 Brazil, Australia, etc. One is located above Glastenbury, in the British Isles.

There is a Retreat, or rather a city, existing there for millions of years, established before the sinking of Lemuria, and is located under the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Its Hierarch, the Cosmic Being Cusco, talking to the students in open class in the late thirties, described it as one most unique and said in substance:

"Your curiosity, doubtless, has been aroused as to why so many students were brought to Us for training, especially after knowing that Our Retreat is in the middle of the Pacific---Hundreds of people who have been supposed to drown have been brought to Our Retreat and trained. On the surface, the only building which is there is very beautiful, but you would not guess that far underneath the Ocean is one of the most beautiful cities on this Planet.

Those blessed people who were saved from being drowned, were brought there and lived in the Radiance of that place. They were not urged, until they became adjusted to the vibratory action which was there. Then they were given very definite Instruction and the most peculiar thing of it was, that not one person who was ever brought there rebelled---When one is just about to meet the reaper, so-called death, he or she sees sometimes many remarkable things. Those individuals know positively that they could never have survived in those bodies if rescue had not come; but they never - not one of them saw the conveyance by which they were rescued.---How long do you think My Home from which I came tonight has been there? Remember, It was there before the sinking of that vast continent Mu - one million four hundred thousand years ago---."

Following a similar trend of thought, two of the Spritual Hierarchy's most eminent Members, the Chohans Saint Germain of the Seventh Ray and El Morya of the First Ray, on two different occasions, give us additional information on this unique and all-important subject.

Saint Germain:

"---The Masters of Light and Wisdom have passages through the Earth in all directions, just the same as you have highways---going from coast to coast on the Earth. Did you understand the atomic structure of the Earth, you would not feel this such an incredible thing; for Those Great Ones Who have assisted the progress of humanity, from the beginning, have but to use certain Rays and they walk through the Earth as easily as you would walk through the water; different, however, in that they leave the opening behind them, while in your walking through the water, it closes behind you and the path is not apparent---."

Extending the activity further, Chohan Morya gives us the following: ("The Lighthouse of Freedom", June, 1959, p. 3)

"---At the very centre of your Planet Earth today there lives a civilization of lifestreams who once, long ago, embodied upon its surface. These enjoy a state of existence in perfect Peace and there is no night! These lifestreams belong to Earth's evolution but, agreeing among themselves that they would have nothing further to do with war or discord of any kind, appealed to the Great Cosmic Law for a place in which they could live in undisturbed Peace. Since "The Light of God cannot fail" to answer every sincere call, the request of these people was granted by God, through His Messengers, and the centre of your Earth was prepared to receive this group.

The Beloved Pelleur (Twin Flame of the Blessed Virgo Mother Earth) volunteered to take up His residence with these people, governing them by Divine Love alone. They enjoy there what is called "The Eternal Sun of Even Pressure", which gives them perfect illumination and comfortable atmosphere. Naturally, in this state of happy being, these lifestreams are able to gain the Victory of their own personal Ascension much more quickly for, because of the peaceful atmosphere and conditions there, there is no disease, age, or decay of any kind---."

Talking to students of "The Summit Lighthouse", in Washington, D.C., on July 4, 1965, Pelleur, Himself, said the following:

"We bask in the Light of the Sun of Even Pressure which is pouring out Its radiance here, creating the beauteous vegetation which we enjoy within the centre of the Earth and in the Chambers of Light wherein We live."

(At the end of this Chapter, we give additional information of the existence of life, and even a civilization of highly evolved beings, living in the centre of the Earth.)7


The most momentus event that occurred in the history of mankind after the "Fall of Man" was the coming of Sanat Kumara with His Lords of Flame from Venus, to save the Earth. That took place about 4,500,000 years ago. The next, equally great event took place when this Planet Earth, after a hiatus of some many millions of years, was able to produce an individual, from among her sons and daughters, of Cosmic Dimension, whose Light was such as to replace that of Sanat Kumara's and permit the latter to end His self-imposed exile and return to His home in Venus.

This Cosmic event took place on January 21, 1956, and the point of Sanat Kumara's departure was not Shamballa, His home while on Earth, but the Retreat of Faith and Protection, of Archangel Michael, located over the vicinity of Banff and Lake Louise, on the Canadian Rockies. This Retreat, as we said earlier, is one of the oldest on the Planet. It was built at the time when the First Root Race came to the Earth and remained open to the human consciousness until the time of the "Fall". Then its doors closed; but remained vibrating, in the etheric realm, during the long centuries, till the present day. The recent great events on the Universe and, also, as a special honor to Sanat Kumara, for His efforts to save the Planet from dissolution, the Cosmic Law approved of its re-opening and also decreed that Sanat Kumara's departure for Venus be made from there. To add greater significance to the event, and for the benefit, also, of the students, it was decided that the Transmission Flame Activity, due on that evening, take place at Archangel Michael's Retreat.8

In the following, we give excerpts of an address by Archangel Michael, on the occasion of the re-opening of His Retreat, January 21, 1956.("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #44 p.p.)

"Welcome into the Heart and Spirit of Faith tonight, beloved friends, you who have guarded, guided and protected the faith of mankind life after life for many aeons of time!

It is My great honor and privilege to re-open the doors of My Retreat here in the Western hemisphere tonight---for the great and magnificent purpose of forming the platform---the impetus---the actual momentum of energy--upon which the Lord of the World Himself shall ascend in majestic glory and dignity to His Home!---

The activity begins tonight at Shamballa. You are, of course, all acquainted with It.---The marble bridge---The beautiful temples representing the Seven Great Rays---The great central pool, in which play the magnificent flame fountains---and the beautiful Temple of Sanat Kumara overlooking the whole! From within this Temple, Sanat Kumara has reigned since His coming to Earth many millions of years ago. From within this Temple, He has sent forth every Messenger of Light Who has ever carried the Message of God and the Example of the Nature of God to man. This Temple is filled with memories for each of you and for each of Us as We look upon it tonight.

Over this Temple has always flown the Crest, the Banner and the Standard of Sanat Kumara, which is, of course, the Planet Venus, surrounded with the laurel wreath, on a deep purple field.

Tonight, when that Standard is lowered for the first time since His Coming, the Standard of Lord Gautama will be raised, the two activities taking place almost simultaneously---When the purple Banner of Sanat Kumara comes down, the Golden Banner of the Lord Gautama is run up---(the Planet Earth, surrounded with the colors of the Causal Body, on a gold field.)

You will remember that the Beloved Sanat Kumara removed the crown from His Head, on New Year's Eve and placed it upon that of the Buddha, which signified the transference of His powers, partially, to Lord Gautama. However, Sanat Kumara will remain in the atmosphere of Earth as Regent until the time allotted to Him by Cosmic Law expires, with the exception of visits to Venus9 which will be governed by the amount of release and relief the people of Earth accord to Him. He will be a "commuter", you might say, between the two Stars. This very activity should create a tremendous affinity between the Earth and Venus, because every time He returns Home, part of the radiation of Earth will go with Him and when He comes back, He will bring the radiation of Venus in His wake and in His train. In this way, We will have a weaving and a meshing of the vibratory action of the two Planets, which is essential really for the Ascension of Earth into the orbit of Venus in the short period that remains.

Every Hierarch and every Ascended Being, as well as every Retreat has a Banner, a Standard or a Flag---you know Mine - the blue field with the golden sun and the embossed figures of the Seven Archangels---Each Hierarch and each Retreat and Sanctuary of the Brotherhood is represented in Shamballa tonight with a Standard representative of Their Focus and the activity of Light. They are lined up on either side of the central pool where the flame fountains play--almost a hundred deep - those magnificent Flags---That walk is very, very long and the full length of it, from the foot of Sanat Kumara's Temple to the end of the bridge across the sapphire sea, is massed with Beings---Members of the Elohimic Court, Cosmic Beings, Angels, Devas and Masters. All bear Their individual Standards and, as Sanat Kumara's Flag is lowered, all of the Standards are dipped, somewhat similar to your activity of honor when a great personage passes, only, of course, this is not a sad moment; it is rather a cosmic moment of rejoicing---.

Let us go back, for a moment now and see the activity as it took place. The Standard of Sanat Kumara is still waving over the Temple---Its purple field is plainly visible with the beautiful Star, Venus, and the lovely laurel wreath upon it. Now, as all eyes are focused upon it, it comes slowly down, and as it does, every Standard is dipped in recognition, love and gratitude for the service it represents. Then, almost with the same action, the gold Standard of the Lord Gautama ascends where it now waves, in undulating folds of bright colors, upon the soft breeze---.

The Beloved Sanat Kumara is in a pure, unadorned white robe tonight---no vestments of any kind, while the Beloved Lord Gautama wears the royal, purple robe, with the crown and sceptre. By His side stands Lord Maitreya, also in the royal purple robes of authority, with mitre and staff.

For the present, it has been arranged that the activity of the previous Buddha (Lord Gautama) and the new Buddha (Lord Maitreya) will be combined, because the Service of the Lord of the World is to generate enough Light to keep the Planet in the Solar System, and Lord Maitreya's gift is to take the activity of the ceremony wherever possible, because, as you know, the Lord Gautama is not inclined that way. It will be a three-fold activity which will be magnificent - Gautama holding the Light, the peace and the illumination; Sanat Kumara as Counselor and Regent and Lord Maitreya as the Head and Heart of the Brotherhood in practically all ceremonial service---.

Sanat Kumara, Lord Gautama, the Lord Maitreya now appear at the door of the great Temple and slowly descend the long flight of steps. As They reach the foot, They turn and look upward where Sanat Kumara's Standard still waves in the breeze. Now, at a given signal, the purple Banner is drawn Earthward and the golden Standard of Lord Gautama is run up. During the slow descent of Sanat Kumara's Banner, the Flags of the entire Assembly are dipped---It is a most solemn moment - in a way a nostalgic moment - for it portends change, not only for the Celestial Hierarchy dedicated to the welfare of the Planet, but to the people evolving upon it as well.

All Flags are lifted now in tribute to the Lord Gautama and one of the Angelic Beings, carefully folding the purple Banner, lays it gently over the arm of Sanat Kumara10 walking along the wide avenue toward the bridge, smiling and bowing to the assembled Brotherhood, while every Banner is dipped in acknowledgement of Their presence as They pass.

When They reach the entrance to the bridge, They pause and turn around, seemingly to implant the scenes They have just passed through in Their memories forever. Now the Beloved Sanat Kumara stoops and kisses the grassy sward at His feet, while the vast assembly, Who have not moved, gaze upon these Great Masters of Love with unutterable love and tenderness expressed in Their countenance and bearing.

Lord Gautama, Sanat Kumara and Lord Maitreya stand there for a moment, then, raising Their hands and touching Their hearts and heads in a gesture of adieu, They turn and walk over the bridge and disappear in a blaze of light. The next moment, They are standing at the great doors of My Retreat in the Western Hemisphere, situated at a place now called Banff, in the Rocky Mountains of Canada, in the North American continent.11

The final ceremony of the transition of power from Sanat Kumara to Lord Gautama, as well as Sanat Kumara's departure for Venus, takes place at My Retreat in the Western Hemisphere, which We think has a real significance in itself. Those of Us Who were privileged to witness it will never forget the solemnity of that great occasion---.

The two Great Hierarchs approach each other from either side of the great altar, ascend the steps together and stand facing each other. Their Causal Bodies blaze out like great fans (identical in size) in all the glorious colors of the rays. Now They approach each other until They meet within The Flame on the Altar where They become One, at which moment there is a tremendous flash of light, followed by an expansion of the Flame which passes through the entire atmosphere of Earth.

At that precise moment, the Causal Body of Sanat Kumara is withdrawn from the body of Earth, while that of Lord Gautama enfolds it in Its embrace. The Causal Body of Sanat Kumara becomes the aureole encompassing Him and His entourage on the journey to Venus---.

The transition to His own Beloved Star and Those Who accompanied Him was accomplished by Sanat Kumara in a beautiful chariot fashioned out of etheric substance by the visualizing process of Chelas on the Earth plane who were aware that this transition would take place within a specified period of time. The actual journey was accomplished, of course, with the speed of light and almost immediately They had arrived within the orbit of Venus. In the meantime, the Lady Venus, with Her retinue had come out to meet Her Lord. As the two companies approached each other, Sanat Kumara descended from His chariot and, in the simple white robe He had donned when He transferred the robes of State to Lord Gautama, went forward alone to meet His Queen. The Lady Venus also came forward unaccompanied and, as these two great Beings greeted each other with out-stretched hands, the Light of Their Causal Bodies encompassed Them and They were lost to the sight of the watching multitudes for a moment---.

Now, the music and song of the Angelic Choir fills the atmosphere and the voices of the people of Venus can be heard as they sing the Song of Welcome to their beloved King - the same song they sang as He departed from them so many aeons ago, but now rendered in the joyous tones of happiness. Sanat Kumara and His Beloved Venus now repair to the great Temple where, with all Their people, They give praise and thanks for His joyful and victorious return and for the successful accomplishment of His Mission of Love."12("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #45)

Before leaving Archangel Michael's Retreat, Sanat Kumara spoke to the Great White Brotherhood and to the conscious Initiates and chelas, as follows:

"Beloved and Blessed Spiritual Hierarchy, You Who have answered My heart call and formed the Great White Brotherhood! You, Who have lived and died and lived again, age after age, and era after era, in order to forward the Cause of God upon the Planet Earth, to You tonight I give My heart and My hand---As there is no separation in love, I shall be as close to you as you desire to have Me.

I would no more think of permanently leaving you - the Elohim, the Archangels, the Brotherhood and the sweet struggling chelas without the comfort and solace of My Presence, My strength and My Momentum, than I would think of leaving My God.

We are as much One in this present Cosmic Transition as We have ever been.

To You, Beloved Gautama, Whose great Light and expansion of consciousness have made it possible for Me to become again part of the evolution of Venus, to You, My Brother, I give My heart's love!

To each and every One Who has answered the call of the Beloved Morya - Who has believed that there was the capacity and ability within the human heart to cooperate with God-free Beings in removing the shackles of limitation and the shadows that have enshrouded the souls of men, to You I give My Love! To the beloved chelas, I say: "Think you I could forget the dear Earth when so much of My Life, so much of My very Self is woven into the substance of her people, her elementals, her continents, and her oceans? Oh, No! Glad "I AM" to have her purified form ever before My sight."

I accept with pleasure the gifts you so kindly offer Me - the rings and crowns for Myself and My Beloved - which have been woven out of your own thought substance. This night, as I enter into the orbit of My Own Star and speak to My people, face to face, for the first time since My departure, I shall tell them of a race brave beyond words to describe - of a race which has believed in God, despite every kind of mental, emotional and physical agony, and My people shall be richer by reason of the example of a handful of brave chelas scattered over the face of the Earth, of that of its yet unawakened humanity as a whole, and the other striving evolutions upon it---.

So, Sweet Earth, Sweet Virgo, Beloved Neptune, Beloved Aries, Beloved Amaryllis, - all that is within the Planet and upon it thank you for the opportunity of serving!

There is no time in loving service! Thank you, beloved Earth, for your hospitality and for the privilege of holding you within My bosom! Thank you for permitting Me to share in your redemption! Thank you for letting Me share your Victory---Thank you for being such a marvelous Hostess, not only to Myself but to My Kumaras and the other evolutions who came here from Venus---Thank you for attempting to understand My Presence and for accepting the Patience which is My Gift to give. Thank you, Beloved Michael, for having preserved the Flame of Faith upon which Earth's freedom is assured. God be with you all until I return!".("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #47)


In the following, Ascended Master Kuthumi is giving us an account on the Transmission Flame Activity, which took place at Darjeeling, February 20, 1954. For the first time in the history of mankind, finite minds saw Divine Ideas being magnetized from the Mind of God and brought down to the Earth. ("Bulletin", Vol. 2, #52)

"Darjeeling tonight presents a heart-raising and exquisite sight. Looking at it from the hillside, the great palace is ablaze with light the great towers, the central globe and the entire building shining in that supernatural way that all places which are foci of the Ascended Brotherhood do.

We are engaged tonight in the study of The Will of God, in relation to every avenue and channel by which mankind is guided, served or nourished.

The Heads of all the Seven Rays - not only the Chohans, the Mighty Archangels and the Elohim - but individuals of other great initiate development are present---.

The Beloved Master Morya is acting in His capacity as Representative of the First Sphere tonight. He wears brilliant, irridescent white garments. A magnificent diamond - the largest known on the Earth today - gleams in the front of His white turban, and the brush, which is a good eight inches high, is royal blue---the girdle at His waist is banded in the same royal color and He wears tonight ---exquisite blue sandals, embroidered heavily in pearls and encrusted with diamonds---. On the forefinger of the left hand He wears a great sapphire ring and on the forefinger of the right, He wears a large diamond.

He is already upon the rostrum---At His right is His own great Teacher, the Mighty Hercules, Who is in royal blue from head to foot. On His left is the great-Master Whom you are not yet acquainted with, but who is the teacher of the power element in the Nature Kingdom---and He, also, is clothed in the same royal blue.

The Brotherhood of the Diamond Heart encrusted with diamonds and outlined in royal blue over the left breast--Each wears a cowl cape, ranging from the deep electric blue down to the pale blue, each shade representing the graded service of the Brother in the Order.

The Master Morya has created an exquisite heart of white lilacs to encircle the magnificent diamond and sapphire altar which is the pride of all India---Through the lilac is interspersed at intervals the lovely blue wood violet which is His favorite flower.

He is demonstrating tonight (for the benefit of the lesser Brotherhood, the representatives from the Orthodox churches and the great governmental heads) the power of the Great Central Sun Magnet, as focused through the Chohans of the Rays---He is magnetizing through His jewels of power the Divine Ideas from the Mind of God in the First Sphere.

It is a most interesting thing to watch---As He lifts the left hand---the Power jewel (the sapphire) becomes a magnet and from the First Sphere the seeds of God-Ideas respond and actually take form before our eyes. At first, when they begin to emerge from the invisible at the nave of the chancel, they seem vapory and ethereal in outline, but as they get down near the jeweled ring, they become quite tangible and are very beautiful in appearance. Then, through the jeweled finger, on the right hand, He directs them---He now makes a motion as if drawing them through His body and then projects them over the audience with the five fingers of the right hand---the great diamond on the forefinger glowing and sparkling like living fire.

As these thought ideas enter His body, you can see their form in scintillating white light, but as they leave His body, they take on color and vitality---. They are coming so rapidly now that one cannot distinguish them one from another---but that is a manifest expression of the magnetization of Divine Ideas from the Heart of God that has never been externalized before by any son or daughter of God. These God-Ideas are so subtle and vibrate so rapidly that they could not be felt by the consciousness of any incarnate lifestream until they had been "stepped-down" by some God-Being.

As these beautiful thought forms fill the room, they may be absorbed by anyone who is present, each idea having the capacity within itself to grow and develop into some exquisite perfection of music, of education, of politics, of invention, of religious endeavor and a myriad of other expressions. The alert ones in the audience are magnetizing the thought forms as they leave Morya's hand and drawing them into themselves by their own heart's flame, while others are "just watching the show" and letting the precious ideas float by them---It is an interesting sight to watch the activity of each one's Light.

In the great gardens outside the palace float the exquisite Angel Devas of the Diamond Heart---These are really the most beautiful of the Devas. Tonight they wear tiaras of exquisite diamonds---some are seven-pointed, some nine and some are complete crowns. The great Leader is feminine---Her tiara comes to a point at the top and it is---Oh,---quite eight inches high. Her garments are something similar to what you ladies would call "chiffon" and is heavily studded with a diamond-like illumination which flows from Her body---These Beings from the Diamond Heart are waiting to receive the magnetized thought and feeling forms which the Beloved Morya is projecting forth. They will take them north, south, east and west on Their breath, and it is the intent of Morya to drop a group of them into every sanctuary and every reading room and home where there are students gathered---and we will all be interested to see how many will pick up a new idea, nourish it and bring it forth into form---. Morya Himself is checking very carefully tonight to see how receptive the individual consciousness is---how many can feel the gift and how many will have the perseverance to follow through.

The breath track is very powerful tonight because Himalaya and Aries Themselves have gone round the world to strengthen it and Morya's activity will continue, through the entire breathing ceremony - He is not using the throat, heart and head centre; just the hands, drawing in with the left and directing with the right. There is a reason for this that may not be described to you now. Absorb the ideas---follow the breath track and God be with you."


(August 15, 1954)

("Bridge", August, 1954, p. 2)

In the following, Chohan Morya is giving us an idea of this Retreat and Its service.

"Off the southern tip of India, surrounded by the beautiful blue waters of the Indian Ocean, lies the Island of Ceylon. Here is located one of the ancient Retreats of the Eastern World under the direction of the Beloved Maha Chohan, Holy Comforter to the hearts of angels, men and elementals presently evolving side by side in, through and around the Planet Earth.

One of the large tea plantations is owned and managed by the wealthy "Indian Potentate" who sometimes visits His "holdings" and Who is (to all intents and purposes) a member of the human race whom He so unselfishly serves. Beneath the green, mound-shaped promontory is the Temple of the Holy Comforter wherein are trained and educated chelas who have applied to life for the opportunity of becoming a Comforting Presence to all in distress. The mystic application lies not in written words, nor spoken affirmations of interest, nor in vows that are but superficial reflections of desire for power, knowledge or personal mastery, but in the secret soul's earnestness. Those whose Spirits apply for entrance into this Retreat have witnessed, like Lord Buddha, the miseries of mankind and the Nature Kingdom, and their hearts have stormed the doors of Heaven for understanding as to how to remove the causes behind these malefic effects that plague the race---.

The acceptance of the lifestream by the Beloved Maha Chohan, as a chela who is desirous of losing self in serving life, is a mark of great spiritual merit. Many of the Ascended Host Themselves have applied for entrance into this Spiritual Order of Holy Comforters but yet await opportunity to join Its Members!

Comfort to the unawakened means freedom from distress. Comfort to the conscious chela means knowledge which, when applied, controls energy within and without the self, bringing harmony where inharmony exists, beauty where distortion reigns, healing where disease is, and peace where warring energies are manifest. Comfort is the capacity to control first the small personal aura, no matter what the internal or external provocations and second, to control the energies that are the shadows on the screen of maya - locally, nationally, or on a planetary scale - when required to do so.

The Master Jesus was an example of such a Comforting Presence - so, also, was the Beloved Saint Francis of Assisi. The Silent Watcher of the Temple of Comfort is seeking constantly among the souls of men for those whose hearts signify they desire to become such a Comforting Presence to Life. These are marked and examined by Our Lord Maha Chohan and, if they have certain basic qualifications, they are given an opportunity to learn how to control the energies of their own thoughts - so that only thoughts that will bring comfort to life have birth, within their mental bodies. They are also taught how to control their emotional body, so that only feelings which will add to the aura of Comfort of the world are contributed by them - twenty-four hours a day, and not only in times of application or religious worship. They learn control of their own etheric body, so that the memories of past bitterness, injustice and distress might not again flow into the pliable substance of the universal light and add to the mass blanket of karma that mankind breathe in---. Lastly, they are taught control over their physical faculties so that their lips never form or speak a word that does not carry comfort and inspiration to others; their hands never rise in a gesture that is less than a blessing; their eyes never send forth the fires of irritation or scorn, but rather express the soft radiance of love and their ears never listen to or record unkindness about another part of life---.

The disciples of the beloved chelas of the Holy Comforter are joyous for they take up the entire course of living. When called before Him, they are shown how much they have contributed to the comfort of life in a twenty-four hour period. After a certain time, they are either accepted or returned for further development in the beautiful art of selfless love and brotherhood toward their fellow man, when they may again be singled out for opportunity to serve---.

The Flame of the Beloved Holy Comforter is white at the core and blends into a beautiful soft pink at its periphery---."

In the following, Chohan Kuthumi is presenting something truly rare: how the Maha Chohan magnetizes Primal Life direct from the Sun, and transmits it to the conscience of the Seven Chohans Who, in turn, transfer it to Their students and hence to the rest of mankind.("Bulletin", Vol. 3, #23-24)

"---The Beloved Maha Chohan Himself presides tonight in the Great Flame Chamber where He is demonstrating to the gathered Brotherhood the activity which engages His energies as He becomes the magnet for all the primal life that is used on the Planet Earth. This activity is a most sacred one and it is seldom that unascended eyes have been privileged to witness a Being drawing such power---. However, as every unascended being is also a magnet drawing primal life, He thought that, perhaps, if witnessed with the inner sight how life is magnetized, drawn and qualified, it would give to the individuals witnessing His activity a greater realization of the responsibility of drawing this primal life as well as a desire to use it to create something of beauty; something that would be a blessing to the universe or something which would be a spiritual heritage for the rest of mankind, impersonally, as He does.

The Flame Chamber in the heart of the Ceylon Retreat is the focus on the Earth through which our Beloved Maha Chohan pours the blessings of life into the Nature Kingdom. As you stand near the entrance of that great chamber, you can see the White Flame of the Comfort Presence which has the appearance of a large and beautiful water lily---. As the Flame reaches out to the periphery of the room, it becomes a delicate pink at the edges. In the centre of that lily-flame stands the living Presence of the Beloved Maha Chohan in the seamless white robe and beautiful white turban with the great emerald in the centre. Around his body dances the tremendous light which is His natural aura, being the magnet for all the energy of the Earth.

The nature devas have created a canopy over the entire island of Ceylon, duplicating the same beautiful white lily and that canopy of light is exquisite because they have created the flower with the cup facing downward, the stamen being pink, the flower itself having pink edges to match the large Flame Flower in the Temple. The entire island is held within that canopy and the fragrance of Comfort and peace emanating from it is magnificent.

From the centre of the large Flame have been created seven similar flowers - one for each of the Seven Chohans---. In the centre of the lesser flowers, each one of Us has focused the particular gifts of Our Ray - a Cosmic pulsation of which will join with the mother Flame as it passes into the inner bodies of the students when the transmission of the Flame around the world begins.

The Beloved Maha Chohan has now turned His attention inward which makes the Flame in His heart visible. This is expanding now until His form is no longer visible within it. As you look upon Him now, you can see the activity of magnetization in its greatest power as far as the Earth is concerned and from the sun comes that tremendous concentrated river of force which is not automatic, but it is invoked and magnetized by the spirit of the Maha Chohan. As that mighty river of force enters into the heart of the Flame, one has to recede because the entire room becomes a battery of such magnificent concentrated light that is too powerful for those even while acting in the freedom of the etheric body. However, as one looks into that river of force from a safe distance, it will be seen that it looks like a rainbow in the seven colors, representing the Rays. As these rainbow-currents enter the heart of the Maha Chohan, they are deflected, one color going into the heart of each one of the seven lilies as well as the Chohan Who represents that particular Ray. Now you get the picture of the Great Cosmic currents flowing from the heart of the Sun and how - as they enter the atmosphere of Earth, they are diffused into the Seven Colors. The light is pure white until it enters the body of the Maha Chohan where it is transformed into the seven colors like a living rainbow.

As the seven colors pass into the body of the Maha Chohan, they are in turn drawn into the bodies of the Seven Chohans, each One magnetizing His own Ray. Now, if you will look, you will see that each Chohan diffuses His Ray and directs it out through the angelic, human, and elemental kingdoms. For instance, in the First Ray, the most intense, purest and deepest sapphire passing into the angelic kingdom, the delicate hue, the baby blue and the powder blue going into the elemental kingdom and the medium or centre of these two colors flowing into the human kingdom. It is an easy matter to pick out chelas by the depth of the concentrated Ray; each chela magnetizing the Ray from the Chohan under whose direction he comes.

All around the world, even as I am speaking, in the sanctuaries, groups, and homes, the conscious chelas are magnetizing the Ray, each from his own Chohan, so that the diffusion of colors is very intricate in its design. As these rays pass into the chelas, they, in turn, diffuse the rays again - some consciously and some unconsciously until the atmosphere around them is suffused with the various colors. The Silent Watchers of the various vicinities gather up these colors in the atmosphere and anchor them into the mass of the people until every soul in embodiment gets a part of the ray to which he belongs - and embodied in the ray is the gift which it represents.

The Angelic Kingdom follows the same procedure, but the Angels, rather than diffusing the radiation as the human kingdom does, intensify it---the elemental, also takes its portion of that color - say of the powder blue and holds it until, by a concentration of his faith, he brings it up again into the deep sapphire blue---. The Devic, the Angelic and the elemental Kingdoms for the most part intensify the colors.

Mankind, as a whole, think very little of the life they use, but this Being Who has magnetized the light and passed it down to Us has given Us the responsibility of choosing the lifestreams who can best amplify it. We, in turn, pass that life on to you, hoping that you will amplify it in good. You, in turn, give it to someone that you can see will benefit by it and so on---. Then on the return current, the responsibility passes back---. What the various chelas do with the light and to whom they give it; they are responsible to their Chohans Who gave it to them in the first place. What the Chohans do with the light; they are responsible to the Maha Chohan. What the Maha Chohan does with the life he has drawn; He is responsible to the Sun. Therefore, He is most careful of the conscious energies that are given in dictations and in the conveying of confidences to individuals who might be just playing with the Law.

Now, we come to the heart of this Earth. From the Sun flows this magnificent stream of energy. I have never seen a more concentrated outpouring of that Cosmic rainbow into the heart of the Maha Chohan than tonight. The seven great Elohim and the seven great Archangels are standing over Asia and pouring Their radiation into that continent which is spreading out until it covers the Planet. The Archangels are concentrating in India. The Maha Chohan is responsible for all that energy poured out by these Mighty Beings. It passes into His consciousness and the greater the pressure from the Beings above, the more control He has to hold as He embodies it. He then releases it to each one of the Chohans and each one of Us is taxed to His full capacity this night. At the moment The Transmission Flame Activity begins, each Chohan enters into the heart of his own lotus-lily and will press the momentum of this gift to every member of the race belonging to His Ray---We have opened the door tonight so that the discarnates and those awaiting physical birth may be similarly blessed. The Beloved Djwhal Khul, acting for, standing with the Maha Chohan is rendering the service, as He always does, as Sponsor for the Retreat and He has welcomed the guests since the 15th of the month. He has been acting for Me until I can enter the Flame Myself---."

The tremendous magnetic power of the Flame of the Holy Spirit, and the influence it exerts on those (not yet ascended) who come close to it, is described in the following by the Maha Chohan Himself.("Bulletin", March 6, 1955)

"---The magic and mystic properties of the Flame of the Holy Spirit, may most easily be described by saying that they stimulate within the soul and self, of everyone who touches the periphery of that Cosmic Aura, a deep desire to be all that Flame is. Whether that Flame is in its primal essence within the heart of the Ceylon Retreat, or in modulated form within the hearts of the man and women of Earth, Its magic properties are a stimulant to all that is good and one who has touched even the fringe of the garment of the Holy Spirit can never know peace or rest until he has become the fullness of it.

Now, there are occasions when individuals can enjoy great beauty, admire fine development, observe talent of a superior nature in art or music, without being stimulated within the feeling nature to like accomplishment, but individuals who are privileged to abide in the presence of the Holy Spirit even in Its most modified form become those restless sons of men whose thirst is never assuaged whose hunger is never filled, until they have become all that IT IS. It has been said by certain members who have temporarily stepped from the Pathway that it is a curse to look upon the Fire of the Holy Spirit - for it breeds discontent. These individuals in a measure present truth because the pull of the human self against the thirst of the soul makes for a very unpleasant habitation until that soul finally surrenders and abides in love. When we draw the attention of mankind to the Ceylon Retreat where the most concentrated, powerful focus of this Flame is, We do it with the full knowledge that We are arousing within the nature of men that required hunger and thirst which presages the accomplishment.

Because of the peculiar magnetic pull that is within this Flame of the Holy Spirit, each individual who is taken within the Holy of Holies and allowed to drink from the brim of the chalice is immediately given a Guardian Presence, because that instant they have set their foot upon the Path and must proceed thereon to their victorious accomplishment. These become the wanderers and the searchers and, ultimately, the finders of the purpose of life until the fulfilled soul finally enters into that alliance with the Holy Spiritual Overself in God-Union---."



At the end of each year, to the Spiritual Hierarchy of the Planet is given the honor and the privilege to come to the heart of Shamballa, bringing with Them not only the "harvest" - the result of Their Individual Service, for the past twelve months, but also, Their consciousness and in the radiant effulgence of the Lord of the World, to be revitalized in the proximity of His august Presence. The amount of "harvest" which each one of them presents, resolves the size of service which, by Cosmic Law, He will be allowed to assume in the coming year. Thus, once a year, an account is given to the Lord of the World, from the Members of the Spiritual Hierarchy, showing what use they have made of the Light which was allotted to Them and how They used the opportunities entrusted to Their care. All this is not done in a haphazard way and as a matter of course manner, but it has an official and Cosmic significance, conducted in a magnificent Ceremony, in the presence of the Lord of the World, the Elohim, the Archangels, the Hierarchs of the various Retreats and Other visiting Cosmic Beings.

With the complete "harvest" having been presented, it is put together and sealed by one of the Archangels, to be transported later to the Retreat at the Royal Teton where, under different conditions and other ceremonies will be, officially presented to the waiting, for that purpose, Karmic Board. From the size and quality of the "harvest" presented, not only by the Spiritual Hierarchy but by humanity also, the Karmic Board will consider what dispensations can be approved and allotted to the Spiritual Hierarchy for the incoming year, that can be used for the benefit of mankind.

In the following, we present excerpts of an address given by Chohan Kuthumi, in which He describes the ceremony which took place, on such an occasion at Shamballa, before the "harvest" was presented to the Lord of the World. This talk was given to the students of "The Bridge to Freedom" and others, non-Ascended, while in their finer bodies, on November 19, 1955, which was also the Transmission Flame Activity, at Shamballa, in the Gobi Desert, before it was transferred to Long Island, New York.

We also present the Invocation given by Sanat Kumara, on that occasion which, in love, humility, and selflessness cannot be equalled; neither can it be fully grasped in its magnificence and meaning by the average finite, human mind.


"---Sanat Kumara Himself waits within the heart of His Temple for the coming of the Harvest Bearers. His successor, Lord Gautama, has taken His place at the head of the procession.13 He wears tonight a magnificent robe of lilac-colored silk; golden sandals adorn His blessed feet, and around His neck He wears a golden chain with the Star of Sanat Kumara resting on His breast. His hair, brushed back plainly as usual, falls to a little above the shoulders. His Serene Countenance is lighted by just the trace of an inner smile.

Behind the Lord Buddha walks Lord Maitreya Who will be the officiating Priest at tonight's ceremonies - Lord Maitreya, of the golden hair and violet eyes - robed in snow white (symbolic of the Cosmic Christ) with a deep band of embroidered royal purple at the hem and sleeves.

Behind Lord Maitreya walks your great Friend and My Beloved Guru, the Lord Maha Chohan in His usual Indian garments, a large amethyst fastening His white turban. Walking by His side, Her hand lightly touching His arm, is the beautiful Pallas Athene. She wears deep, royal purple tonight and wears Her crown as member of the Karmic Board.

Next in order of procession come the Beloved Chohans of the Rays - a Master representing Myself - as Chohan of the Second Ray.

Beloved Morya, in a gorgeous white Indian costume, walks first. He wears a deep royal blue cape thrown up over the left shoulder, showing a lining of some white, glistening silk material which matches His turban - magnificent, as usual.

Behind the Beloved Morya walks My representative in a robe of golden yellow. Then comes the Beloved Venetian in a robe of soft pink, the color of His Ray. The Beloved Serapis comes next in pure white wearing an Egyptian headdress of white. Behind Serapis walks the Beloved Hilarion, also in a robe of white, but with a deep band of green at the hem and bottom of sleeves, shading from the very deep green at the bottom to the very light grass green at the top.

Next in line comes the Beloved Jesus, in a robe of deep, ruby pink, accompanied by the Beloved Mother is soft, azure blue, wearing a veil of the same celestial color over Her long hair and falling almost to the hem of Her robe.

Next in line comes the Beloved Saint Germain in deep royal purple, looking a very Prince of Princes. Beside Him walks the beautiful Goddess of Justice in a lighter shade of the royal color; on Her head the seven-pointed crown worn only by members of the Karmic Board, of which, as you know, She is Spokesman.

The Great Elohim now enter the procession. Tonight They have chosen to occupy a different placing for some specific reason. Here They come - Mighty Hercules, robed in electric blue; the Great Casseopeia in Buddhic gold; the Beloved Orion in soft pink; the Elohim of Purity in snow white; the Beloved Cyclopea (Vista) in Nile green; the Beloved Elohim of Peace in ruby pink, similar to that worn by the Master Jesus, and the Beloved Arcturus in the deep royal purple of Saint Germain.

The Elohim each carry in one hand a globe symbolic of the receptive consciousness, and on the other a scepter, symbolic of the power of invocation.

Following these Mighty Ones come the Angelic Host. Preceding the Archangels tonight are the Seraphim, beautiful of face and form. As They walk, They scatter multicolored flame flowers, which not only cover the entire bridge with their radiance and perfume, but flow down into the sapphire sea substance beneath.

At the head of the Archangels walks Lord Michael, bearing His Banner, on which is embroidered a great golden Sun, surrounded by embossed figures of the seven Archangels, in exquisite colors.

Lord Michael is garmented tonight in a long, white robe with a band of deep blue sapphire at the hem. A great sapphire fastens His girdle and the golden band which He wears around His head. His shining golden hair falls to the shoulders.

After Him come the other six Archangels with Their Archaii, two by two, each pair dressed in the magnificent colors of Their Rays.

Next come the various members of the Angelic Host in Their radiant garments. Following the Angelic Host walk members of the Great White Brotherhood from the various Retreats throughout the world.

Now, if you will join your consciousness with Mine, We, too, shall walk over the bridge into the Sacred City. As we approach the Temple, the sound of the great Hosannas and magnificent Oratories are resounding through the air and are wafted by the forces of nature over the entire Planet, steeping into men's consciousness, drawn in by the breath.

As we reach the great doors of the Temple, We may see Sanat Kumara standing by the side of the great Altar, gentle and lovingly acknowledging the "Sheaves of Harvest" as they are placed in the great crucible by Great and small alike.

The Beloved Lord Maitreya, as Celebrant, stands in front of the Altar. He raises the censer in homage to the Most High Living God and in loving recognition of the services each member of the Assembly has rendered through the year---."("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #37)

In the following, we present the Invocation of Sanat Kumara, to the Universal "I AM" Presence, the Source of all life everywhere in our universe. The purpose for which the Spiritual Hierarchy gives to the outer world this Invocation, as well as other doings in the Inner Spheres, is that the students not only become acquainted as to how these things are done, but also, to tie their thinking with these events and become co-workers with the Spiritual Hierarchy in the redemption of the Earth.


("Bulletin", December 18, 1955)

"Beloved, Infinite Presence of God, by Whose Life I have Being, I honor Thee this night, as I stand within the atmosphere of the Planet Earth!

I honor Thee for giving Me opportunity of sustaining this Planet in Our Solar System!

This night, as the harvest of the year's energies are offered in Thy Name at the Altar of this Holy Temple, "I AM" Thy least and most humble Servant; for it is Thou Who hast given Me opportunity to use Thy Life, Thy Intelligence and all the Gifts and Powers of Thy Being!

Let not Thy children honor Me, O Lord - for I, of myself, am nothing! Without Thy Light, Thy Intelligence, Thy Direction and Thy Sustaining Energy, I should be but unformed, elemental substance.

It is Thou - Great, Infinite Source of all Good - Who hast endowed Me with Self-conscious Intelligence! It is Thou, to Whom Honor and glory and Gratitude belong.

May the mankind of Earth come to know that Service is Opportunity to use Thy Great Light in whatever spheres Life has placed them!

To Thee, O Great Star of Venus, do I send My Love and gratitude for all the energies You have given to sustain My activities during My exile here!

To You, O Beloved and Glorious Power of Light, "I AM" so grateful!

To you, unascended beings, everyone, everywhere who have taken interest in My Service, let Me say - I AM so Grateful, so Grateful, so Grateful!"14

Proceeding, we give in the following, excerpts of an address given by Chohan Morya, in regard to events that followed at the Royal Teton, after the "harvest" was transferred there from Shamballa.("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #41)


"---The entire Assembly of the Great White Brotherhood, drawn to the Royal Teton for this great occasion, is gathered together in the large Audience Chamber; all deeply intent on the activities about to take place, which include, among many others, the appointment of the Spiritual Sponsors for the year 1956 and the reception and precipitation of the Thought Form for the New Year, first by Our Beloved Sanat Kumara and then by the entire Assemblage.

The great Altar (which occupies the centre of the vast Audience Chamber) rests upon a massive, white marble base. Upon this base They have placed a magnificent cross of sparkling, yellow- diamonds, similar to those which adorn the ceiling of the central hall of the Teton and which make up the Planets and the various Zodiacal Signs portrayed there. This beautiful diamond cross presents the same appearance on all sides so that its beauty may be enjoyed from every part of the room.

On this Altar now blazes the Precipitation Flame (in green and gold) of the Beloved Lanto, Gracious Master of the Royal Teton Retreat(at that time).

As you have been told by Our Beloved Kuthumi, the base of the Altar is square, four steps leading to the top on all four sides, so that there may be four Celebrants at one and the same time. Two officiated on the evening of the Transmission Flame Ceremonies the Beloved Portia and Saint Germain - but this evening there will be four, as the Sponsors for the year 1956 bring in the Pink Ray and Flame, under which They all serve. This will be of tremendous assistance in the melting of discordant conditions in the inner bodies of the mankind of Earth. There have been four Spiritual Sponsors appointed for the coming year, instead of the usual number (two). They are the Beloved Archangel Chamuel with His beautiful Archaii, Beloved Charity; the Beloved Chohan Paul the Venetian and the beautiful and Beloved Lady Master Nada. All serve, as you are aware, under the Pink Ray of Love Divine, and this fact in itself, aside from the increase in numbers, should portend well for the New Year that is at hand.

The ceremony of the coronation of the Sponsors for the New Year is now about to commence---Saint Germain, as Officiating Celebrant, stands in His magnificent robes of state before the Flame at the centre of the high Altar and the Beloved Portia has taken the place in the atmosphere directly above the Flame. Saint Germain is now rising to take His place by Her side---Both of these beautiful Beings are bearing in Their hands two crowns, one in each hand. These crowns are somewhat similar to that of the British Commonwealth, except that the centres are a delicate pink. Magnificent jewels adorn the bands.

The Beloved Chamuel and Charity have ascended now and stand before Saint Germain. They are in a prayerful attitude with hands crossed on the breast. They wear garments, of course, indicative to Their rank, of an exquisite pink shade. The Beloved Paul and Nada are ascending slowly. They are also robed in the delicate pink of Their Ray---.

Now, as the entire Assembly chants a magnificent Song of Praise, to the accompaniment of the music of the Angelic Host, the Beloved Portia places the crowns She holds on the Archangel and His Archai, both of Whom remain in a standing position. These Great Ones now move slowly to either side and Saint Germain places the crowns of sponsorship on the heads of Beloved Nada and Paul, Who assume a kneeling position. Now, the four stand and clasp hands across the Flame on the centre of the Altar, while the Great Elohim Orion, from a position above Their heads, projects mighty vibrations of the Pink Ray out over the vast Assembly and thence over the entire Planet. The entire universe seems to be all bathed in delicate pink this evening.

In the meantime, the petitions to the Karmic Board from Ascended and unascended Beings (which have been placed in a gigantic brazier) have been brought in. These form a blazing pyre now which will continue to burn long, long after your service here in the Western Hemisphere is closed for the evening. The essence that emanates from that brazier is a perfume resembling jasmine. It represents the holiness of the raised energies of mankind offered in loving service to their brothers.

Sanat Kumara, Lord of the World, Guardian of the Planet Earth, now enters. He, Who has sustained this Planet in its System, comes again tonight, in humility and grace, to receive the Thought Form for the year 1956. He comes forward slowly and majestically. First He bows low before the Flame of the Altar. Then He touches the head of each of the four Sponsors with His hand and steps into the Heart of the Flame. The Beloved Silent Watcher may now be seen high in the atmosphere. She holds the Thought Form for the year in Her Heart. Sanat Kumara, in an attitude of adoration, raises His consciousness to receive It. Then, as the entire Assembly watches, He projects It forth and the Assembly breathes It in. They then project it forth in turn for the blessing of the Earth and its people. The Thought Form for this year, 1956, is a Heart of Pink Flame, from the top of which blazes the immortal Three-fold Flame---."

In the following, we give excerpts of an address given by Chohan Kuthumi, in regard to petitions which are presented to the Karmic Board at the Royal Teton, and how it is done.("Bulletin", Vol. 4, #42)

"---The Hierarchs of the various Retreats on the Earth's surface, or Their Representatives, have been arriving here since December 15th. As They enter, They immediately enroll with the Keeper of the Scrolls---to Whom all Scrolls are presented. He scans them carefully, sometimes making a correction or perhaps a deletion before He returns it to the Petitioner.

After the Scroll has been presented and accepted, the Brother then assigns the visiting Hierarchs or Their Representatives to the rooms set apart for Their use. A white and gold bulletin board hangs at the side of each door and on this the visitor attaches His petition. As the seven great council chambers fill, the number of petitions on the boards increase, each Petitioner being eager to get supporters for His project. It is all very interesting and inspiring---the great corridor being crowded with Masters, Angels, Devas and chelas (the latter in their inner bodies) reading the various petitions, making notes of their contents and deciding which ones will have their support.

You will remember that, owing to the increased numbers of people attending this Retreat, seven additional chambers have been hewn out of the rock. These surround the great central Audience Chamber, giving the effect of a gigantic lotus flower with outstretched petals. Exquisite gold curtains hang at the entrance to each room and on each one is depicted an Archangel with His Archai, in the glorious colors of Their Ray. These curtains are divided in the center and when closed, they look like beautiful panels. Tonight they are drawn back and have the effect of an angel guarding each side of the wide doorways to the seven council chambers.

You will remember having described to you the beautiful friezes that adorn the base of the Altar, showing the descent of the Manu and Lord Michael with the members of the first, second and third Root Races. You may recall that there were three vacant spaces left for future delineations. These have been filled during the year---One depicts the Archangel Gabriel awakening the Sleepers in the realm devoted to them. It shows the Archangel with upraised hand in which He holds a trumpet and the Sleepers in a seated position on their couches, with heads raised in a listening attitude. The next frieze shows the Archangel Michael standing with upraised sword at the door of the Compound and on the faces of the outcoming occupants is a look of almost joyous unbelief. The third one represents the removal of the last discarnates from the Earth. It shows a being seeming to clutch the Earth with the one hand, while the other clasps that of the Archangel Zadkiel---All these events are made possible by your calls and I know you are happy to learn that your harvest has become a permanent part of the oldest Retreat on Earth - the Great Royal Teton. God Bless you! Kuthumi.



In the etheric realm over the island of Crete pulsates the Temple of Truth, focus of the Chohan of the Fifth Ray and Beloved Pallas Athene, Goddess of Truth and Cosmic Patroness of the Brotherhood there. In this focus, schools are maintained whose endeavor is to draw the interest and cooperation of the scientifically-minded lifestreams of the Earth and prepare them in the magnetizing of the Universal Life, and the creating of consciously divested Rays by which form may be created or dissolved, according to the requirements of the God Intelligences, so invoking and directing them. Here is taught the mathematical precision by which Suns and Planets and individual atoms are created and sustained. Here, also, students are shown how, by controlled thought and feeling, the speed of atoms, the motion of the electrons and the duration of form itself may be governed. Precipitation and etherealization, too, become the developed faculty of the Brothers of Sisters desiring such a gift for the use of the forwarding of the progress of the race.

Historically, the Retreat of Truth is contemporary with that of the Ascension at Luxor. When the last remnant of Atlantis, the Island of Poseidonis, sank beneath the waves of the Atlantic ocean, certain priests and priestesses were entrusted with the carrying of Their specifically magnetized God-virtues to other land surfaces of the Earth where they would be safe. One such God-virtue was TRUTH and was carried to what is known now as the Island of Crete, though at that time, was an integral part of the Greek peninsula.

In design, the Retreat follows the early Hellenic Temples; many-columned, gracefully carved, and of large proportions. It resembles the beautiful Parthenon, erected so long ago, in honor of Pallas Athene - "The Kore" by Phidias. It stands on a high eminence, reached by a magnificent marble stairway of four hundred or more steps. On either side of this beautiful stairway, extending all the way up to the wide-columned entrance, stand exquisite Angelic Beings, clothed in iridescent colors, holding in their upraised hands garlands of bright-colored flowers woven into patterns somewhat similar to the Christmas wreathings of the outer world activity.

As one ascends to a point parallel with the wide entrance door, one comes in sight of the Great Altar, rising well over one hundred feet in height, at either side of which stands a great carved pillar, upon which rests a golden brazier, from which flows the Green Flame of Truth.

The frieze all around the front, sides and back of the building is pure gold, in design something like the lovely Wedgewood which pleases the eye in the physical appearance world. It follows a consecutive chronological pattern - the history of the visitation of the first Beloved Virgin of Truth, (the Great Vesta Herself) the conferring of the authority of this Office to the Beloved Pallas Athene, the establishment of the Oracle at Delphi, the reception by Phidias of the idea of the Parthenon, the building of the Parthenon; the Great Golden Age of Greece and many other portions of the development of Truth at Inner Levels, as well as in the physical appearance world are depicted in the panels of the frieze.

In the following, Chohan Hilarion, Hierarch of the Retreat, gives us an account of the Transmission Flame Activity, which took place there on the evening of July 17, 1954.

"---Over the Temple of Truth tonight, the Beloved Rafael, Archangel of Consecration,15 is standing, clothed in robes of emerald green. Around Him, in a great circle are thousands of the Angels of Consecration - in every shade of green, from the soft spring apple green to the deep bottle green. The mighty pillars - the Grecian columns - are all entwined with the five-pointed ivy leaf (symbol of eternal life and motif of the Beloved Maha Chohan). The Temple steps are covered with a deep green carpeting.

As the procession has long since begun, the Brothers and Sisters who are the Guardians of the Temple of Truth here at Crete have already entered the Temple proper - all wearing their white robes with the embroidered symbol of the Brotherhood (The Lighted Lamp emitting the Flame of Truth) over the heart. The procession has been arranged that the least experienced of the Brothers entered the Temple first. The floor of the Temple has geometrical designs in mosaic work set into the marble floor, each with its own outlined periphery indicating the position where each Brother will stand - and arranged so that each one's aura is completely and distinctly separated from the other.

Tonight We are honored by the presence of the Beloved Vesta Herself, Whose attendants are bringing in a great, emerald green brazier, holding a focus of the Flame of Truth from the Sun. She will enter the Temple last. She is wearing the nine-pointed crown, with great diamonds at the end of each point. Her hair, almost platinum in color, reaches practically to the hem of Her garments. Her robe is in the graceful Grecian style and Her long train is diamond encrusted.

Directly preceding the Lady Vesta - acting as Her hand-maiden - walks the Beloved Pallas Athene. She is wearing the seven-pointed crown, which is Her Symbol of authority as a member of the Karmic Board. This Beloved Lady had made the request that She be permitted to scatter before Vesta the white lotus blossoms and which - against the deep green carpeting - make an exquisite welcoming pathway for the beautiful Mother of Truth.16


Chohan of the Fifth Ray.
Paul of Tarsus in the Christian Dispensation.
(From a drawing of one of His re-embodiments as a young man by David Antrias.)

The Beloved Maha Chohan and My humble self have the honor of acting as escorts to the Beloved Vesta and Pallas Athene as They enter the Temple itself and proceed down the long, centre aisle. We (the Maha Chohan and Myself), in conjunction with Them, will focus the Flame of Truth at a given signal and the current of Truth will begin its outpouring around the Planet.

An exquisite choir of the Seraphic and Cherubic Hosts have taken their places at each side of the great Altar. They will sing the Keynote of each one of the Seven Rays, representing the seven types of individuals - all who will receive the Flame of Truth this night.

Standing at the foot of the steps leading to the Temple and looking upward, the green ivy entwined around the white pillars with the beautiful celestial light reflecting on the golden frieze ornaments make a beautiful picture. Raising the eyes higher still, one may see the glorious Raphael standing in the atmosphere above and will have some picture of the activity as it is now taking place. The consecration from His hands is pouring out to all the Earth in the form of the most beautiful flowers. They look almost like a snowfall of light flowers which settle over the entire Temple and are then wafted over the Planet.

Tonight, as the Flame begins Its journey through the lower atmosphere17 of Earth, I have invited the entire Karmic Board to stand with Us so They may see what can be done toward our receiving the dispensation that the lifestreams passing from the body, in the current twelve-month period, might be brought into Our Temple of Truth, taught the rudiments of the One Truth and thus be freed from the necessity of reembodiment. My very deep interest in the disillusioned (after death); which disillusionment and bitter disappointment has been the cause of the spiritually broken and the agnostics, has impelled Me to press this petition---."

In one of His earthly lives, Chohan Hilarion was known as Iamblichus, the Neo-platonic writer and philosopher, and before that was Paul of Tarsus - Saint Paul in Christian Orthodoxy. His present name, Hilarion, as far as this writer is able to know, is derived from His last re-embodiment where, as Bishop Hilarion, He served the Christian Church in the Island of Cyprus. He was born at Thabatha, near Gaza, in Palestine, about 300 A. D. and died in Cyprus 371 A. D. He was a hermit in Palestine and, it is said, that He was the One Who introduced Monasticism into that country.


This address was given to the students during the Transmission Flame Activity at the Retreat of Resurrection, May 23, 1953.("Bridge", Series 2, Book 2, p. 14)

"Beloved Children of God walking the way of Earth, I greet you and bow before the Majestic Power of the God-Beat in your hearts and before the sacrifice entailed by which every one of you voluntarily chose incarnation upon this shadow Planet, offering to guard and guide and protect the evolution endeavoring to rise to their God Estate---Long has been your journey - faithful has been your service - and great shall be your reward---.

I now awaken within you18 the remembrance of the Power that is within the Sacred Fire---Power which you have consciously drawn through your own heartbeat and wielded - by which entire continents were kept free from disease and shadow and pain and the disintegration that now accompanies the removal of the soul from the Earth---More than one of you has held the balance for an entire continent through the use of the Sacred Fire--All of you have known the freedom and protection that is within Its Majestic Presence. It is time now that you awaken from the consciousness of your separate selves and draw that Sacred Fire, concentrate its Power, endow it with your love and send it forth for the redemption of this Earth.

I come in answer to each of your heart-calls for Truth. Do you know the concentrated power within the calls required to part the curtain of the Great Silence wherein some of Us have chosen to abide for centuries of time--19 "I AM" here because of your light and your love and your fierce and loyal and dauntless determination to know Truth.20

"I AM" One of twelve Beings privileged to be the Spiritual Court of the Mother of this System - the Beloved Vesta. My Sisters have been more welcome upon the Planet Earth than I, for there is not a heart that does not want Mercy; nor a soul that does not want Peace; nor a lifestream that does not want Love---A limited few timidly call for Justice---a limited few for Purity---But Oh, dear hearts, how many want Truth when it is uncomfortable to the pressure of one's own concepts, feelings and opinions? Although Truth, complemented by the comforting presence of Divine Love, is the power by which man shall become free. Oh, the brutal frankness of the outer self determined to ram Truth down the throats of other lifestreams - whether or no!---Such a one has much to learn, but when there is the kindness of the Holy Comforter within the feeling body, Truth may be presented in a way that conveys assurance, conviction and comfort to the individual. That is why We (the Maha Chohan and I) represent the two facets of the same great Flame.

In the early ages, before the mist arose from the minds and hearts and feelings of the people, I abode within the heart of the Temple of Truth where all who chose to do so might consult Me. Although I wore no garments of flesh, it was easy to discern My Presence because there were no shadows between the sense consciousness of the harmonious selves evolving upon the Planet and the perfection of Our Octave. The governments flourished, as well as education, art, science, and religion, because each lifestream was held within the presence of Truth and guided by his own Divine presence in his individual affairs by Myself---and the evolution moved forward in very great harmony and happiness.21

With the closing of the great Lemurian Age, this association with Us and the beauty resulting therefrom began to dim.22 The creation of mankind's own choosing began to enfold the lifestreams and in the mists of forgetfulness, Truth became veiled. On Atlantis, some of you were sufficiently true to the principle of Life as to maintain Temples to the Goddess of Truth.23 There I was enabled to manifest to a chosen group of prepared, reverent and dedicated lifestreams who, in turn, carried the word of Truth to others whose own creations had blotted out, so to speak, the vision of Our Realm and Its inhabitants.

You have heard Serapis tell how the Great Hierarchy warned the Priests that Atlantis was about to fold her veil around her and sink beneath the waves and those blessed ones who had guarded the Temple of Truth made preparations (along with others) to carry the Flame from that Altar, and the Sacred Documents which had been carefully transcribed and which contained within them the results of many of Our conferences, to a place of safety---. Slowly passed the years nothing happening in the outer - and the people began to murmur in themselves that the Priests and Priestesses had deceived them telling them falsehoods - and so they slipped back into their old ways until finally came the night when all were notified to proceed to the boats and (in company of their own chosen Priests and Priestesses) endeavor to arrive at a place of safety before the cataclysmic action would churn the ocean into such a boiling sea that no boat could survive.

Beloved Hilarion and a group of His chelas took the Flame of Truth across the ocean, through the Mediterranean into Greece---They were among the few Who arrived in time and knelt---even while Serapis24 and His group were kneeling in Egypt, around the Ascension Flame---I stood in the atmosphere as the Flame of Truth burned in the brazier which They had carried from the Atlantean Temple and the faithful Ones25 bowed to the ground in gratitude to Life for survival and the honor or preserving the Flame of Truth. ---The secret documents were then placed in secret archives where they will remain until man is poised enough in his own God Presence when they can be brought forth again for the illumination of the race.

Some of these records, unfortunately, burned at Alexandria, but many made their way into the Far East and into Tibet and China where they still remain---. At Delphi26 when the Priestesses were able to contact the Spirit of Truth, some of that Flame enabled those early Greeks to proceed on the Path of Righteousness, but the more the creation of the human enfolded the lifestream, the less the individual cared to know the Truth.

Every man, woman and child created of himself and in himself a concept which became his God - one that was comfortable to live with---one that carried vicarious atonements---one upon whom he could place the results of sins of omission and commission, and thus in a state of self-hypnosis, the race continued to move about and I, the Spirit of Truth, was compelled to withdraw. However, there have always been the few who chose to walk along up the Mount of Attainment and endeavor to pierce through the clouds of their own concepts, to wipe the mists from their sight, loosen the wax of heedlessness from their ears and endeavor to understand and know Truth.

Lord Buddha, for seven years, raised His consciousness, hourly, daily---First through the veils and shrouds of His own thoughts and feelings, a painful process in itself, and then through the one-pointedness of His concentrated Love, up-up-up, upward through strata after strata of human creations. As His consciousness was lifted from the lower and heavier atmosphere, which was filled with the effluvia of man's thinking, He came into a strata of more light wherein abode purer spirits, and many a lesser searcher after Truth has been content to stop and abide there, feeling it was his goal---Such ones returning, spoke of the heavens with the streets of gold and the Cherubim and the Heavenly Choirs---and for them it was the ultimate and they spoke Truth, but for Him, He said, "It is not enough!"

Onward and upward in that individual silent pilgrimage, living in the heart of the forest, protected by the invisible Presence of God Himself, He raised His consciousness higher and higher and came into the Realms of the Temples and the Beings Who had earned the right to live in their Higher Mental Bodies at night, but that was not enough---Many have returned from that Realm and have become Messengers of the Word and they have spoken Truth, and many have been their followers and they have said: "Lo! This is Truth! This is the Ultimate!" and for them it was good because it was all the consciousness could absorb at a given time. For Him, He went onward and upward until He came to the Divine Realm where ideas and Thoughts of God Himself were pulsating in the ethers. Here, too, some few strong sons and daughters of men have stood and witnessed the perfection of the Realm of Ideation and have returned filled with enthusiasm and fire and have said, "I have found Truth", and there were among the men and women of Earth those who responded and rejoiced with them but the Beloved Buddha said, "No! it is not the ultimate!", and finally He came to the Heart of Love, the Great Presence of the Father-Mother God, and placing His head upon the bosom of the Father-Mother, He knew that Love was all---. And when He returned, He did not speak; no longer was it required to say "I have found It" for He had become that Love---.27

Oh, the arguments, the fighting, the physical force and the actual murder that has been committed in the defense of Truth---The fiery patriots of Mohammed---The great Crusaders, and in the present day, the zealots of every religion crying aloud: "I have found Truth!"

I come now and say to you: "Will you not be Truth for My sake?" Three hundred years after the Beloved Jesus finished His Ministry, in a certain city in Asia Minor, almost the entire feminine population gathered and engaged in a physical fight, throwing cabbages and other vegetables at each other in an argument over Who was the Third Person of the Holy Trinity. Today, perhaps it is more subtle, but it is no less ridiculous.

Beloved Ones, when you feast with all the power and attention of your feeling on the defects appearing within the lifestreams you encounter, you are not then embodying the consciousness of Truth. It is not Truth! Please feel that with all your heart and soul and spirit when you see any manifestation of ill health, imperfection, distress and the countless number of limitations to which the human mind is heir. Your business is to see and be perfection.

All of the Law, dear friends, is a balance. There is no purpose in being like some of the blessed ascetics of the early ages who rushed from the initiations of worldly living into the cloisters to escape observing the idiosyncrasies of the rest of mankind. Mastery lies within reach of the individual who can observe imperfection and not allow rebellion, hate, resentment and depression to churn within the feeling world but who can, within the Heart of the Sacred Fire of which you are the Guardians, call and firmly and powerfully assert: "It is not true!" Call for the manifestation of Truth within that lifestream.28

Do you think for one fraction of a moment, hundreds and hundreds of God Beings would have denied Themselves the Glory and Freedom of Nirvana and remained in the shadows of such creations that I would not describe them to you---. You are sensitive---through your limited senses, through the small spectrum which your physical sight allows you to observe and the very small octave in which your hearing perceives the sounds of the third dimensional plane---but when you have the senses of complete freedom and you can hear the sounds of inner bodies and yet remain within that calm peace and demand that God be revealed through the distressed lifestream---then indeed you become Ourselves in action---.

How do you believe the Master Jesus was enabled to render the service which He requires each of you to render? Because He refused acceptance of the appearance. "Judge not according to appearances," He said again, and again, and again.

Oh, let us set this Law into action---you, who have for thousands and thousands of years known the Power of the Sacred Fire, awaken! Rise out of the consciousness of separateness and wield the Power of the Sacred Fire to set yourselves and others free. Forty lifestreams united in cooperative service could redeem a city.

Dear Friends, you cannot play with this Law in this hour of planetary crises. You are dealing with Fire!

Precious Ones, it is not just to give you a few hours away from the grind of your daily life, or to give you a spiritual opiate to make the course of your life pilgrimage easier that we come!---There have been books written from the beginning of time from the Upanishads and Vedas to your Testaments---but it is to bring Our feeling, Our conviction, Our love, and to endeavor to stir within you a desire to become that which you can manifest. I would not speak to you of something miraculous which you could not attain---That would be cruelty ---any more than you would tell a child that he could accomplish something that was beyond his talents or capacities. We never present an idea for manifestation that We have not carefully deliberated, and with much contemplation and invocation looked over the lifestreams chosen for their potential ability to serve Our Cause.

It is a beautiful sight, when a Being desires to bring forth a New Movement---to see that Being present it to Vesta, Who vests Him with the power to bring that Movement forth, or that Cause, or whatever it may be, and then in cooperation with certain Ascended Master Sponsors, He goes through the Seven Spheres and, looking at the glory of the Causal Bodies abiding therein, He asks for the assistance of certain ones who are prepared to help Him---You see, "I AM" the Godmother of Messengers. Yes, all of the Messengers that carry the Word - the Word of Truth---because no matter how limited its expression may be, it carries part of My life through it. And when the Beloved Vesta invests the energy of a lifestream into a Cause pertaining to the carrying of Truth to mankind or any evolutionary scheme, then such a one must come to Me.

When people like Lord Buddha and the Master Jesus carried the Word of God forth, They, through Their Own endeavors and efforts, had pierced into the highest realms of Light and into the Heart of Heaven---They carried back first-hand the results of Their experience in Their own consciousness, but when the mankind on Earth signify a desire to know Truth and, as you have done, magnetize the ether until the Veil of the Silence had to be parted, the lifestreams who, of themselves, are not able to rise into the Heart of the Father and yet are invested with the great responsibility of carrying the Word of Truth to the people, must be particularly blessed because they must draw down Truth into their own consciousness, they give forth the Word to others.

It is a voluntary task, dear ones, for if We had no one to give and to carry the Word, where would the people of Earth be? So, I ask you now to bless Our Messengers and to bless each other, for all of you within this endeavor are truly Messengers of God---and remember that, as your own life is used in spreading the Word and as you are unfolding within yourself the use of the Sacred Fire of Purification, so, also, are they on whom you look and whom you serve in this hour.

May you so live that even if you perceive imperfection, it does not draw the energies of you world into confusion. Oh, what a desirable feeling it is to pour forth love and be loved. Everyone wants love and approval. You cannot approve that which is not correct---No! But there is no part of life that does not have some redeeming feature, else they would not have a beating heart in which is some of My Quality of Truth.


Up the River Nile, nearly four hundred eighty miles from Cairo, the glorious Temples of Luxor stand out in bold relief from the sands of the desert, proclaiming to the world a magnificence of splendor, little understood nowadays, by modern civilization. The Temples, ancient that they are, throb, not only with the Akashic records of spiritual invocations of the Illuminati of the past ages, but with a very present, powerful and active stimuli to the upliftment of man's soul and spirit.

This present stimuli is the Ascension Temple, Hierarch of which is the Head of the Seraphic Host, the Mighty Serapis Bey. The Temple has been there for over twelve thousand years, from the time the last remnant of Atlantis, the Island of Poseidonis, submerged into the waters of the Atlantic. It came to its present place not by accident or the passing whim of an indiviudal but by orders of the Cosmic Law, who wanted to preserve, as much as possible, of the spiritual heritage that once was Atlantis.

Before the final cataclysm had started, the High Priests were notified, by the Spiritual Hierarchy, to gather together all the priceless treasures from the Temples, in which they officiated, and load them into the vessels that rode anchor in the placid harbors.

Thus the preparation for the exodus of the Illuminati and the spiritual culture of Atlantis began. Quietly and leisurely, the Guardians of the Atlantean Era prepared for the final hour when they would be required to leave their island home and journey to far-distant lands, each group proceeding according to sealed orders given to them by their King Himself, and which the Leader carried upon his person but which were not to be opened until the fateful moment of departure had come.

Among these High Priests was the Ascended Master whom we know as Serapis Bey. To the four points of the compass were the chosen ones to sail, each with a portion of the heritage of the Great Atlantean Culture, each toward a haven of safety where the Light and Power and knowledge might be secured for the generations yet to come. Over one hundred vessels were prepared and no less than forty persons were chosen to go with the High Priest in every such vessel.

Finally, the Great Moment came. The Priests and their companions left Their Temples and bidding each other goodbye turned their faces toward the point which was designated in their individual orders.

The galleon of Serapis Bey and his forty companions sailed eastward, coming finally, after many days, to the mouth of the River Nile in the land of Egypt.

Here is how Serapis Bey described the experience in His talks to the students during the Transmission Flame Activity on January 15, 1953, at Luxor.

"---We carried with Us the wealth of spiritual culture from the Temple in which I had the honor to be Officiating Priest, and We carried also in a golden brazier some of the Sacred Fire which burned on the altar of the Temple, century after century, never being depleted, but furnishing from its sacred embers the Fire which lived on the altars of the lesser Temples and on the hearths of the homes of the Realm.

We reached our destination---just before the final cataclysmic action shook the foundation of the world, rocking continents and overflowing the great seas, and even as we knelt together and breathed upon the smoldering embers of the Sacred Fire, Atlantis sank beneath the waves of the ocean that still bears her name. This Flame which we kindled to new life by our very breath has been sustained there many centuries by the life breath and protection of all the Brothers and Sisters at Luxor since that day. From this flame, Moses drew the Fire of courage, and Aaron the Arts of the Priesthood, and before its Blazing Presence, the Blessed Jesus drew the sanctity which amplified His Christhood. How many of the Illuminati of the Ages have bathed in the Sacred Fire of Luxor, and then through its strength, proceeded forth to fulfill some God Mission, vested with the power of that Flame.

And now, for the second time in the history of the human race, unascended beings are contributing voluntarily, their breath to carry the Golden and White Ascension Temple of Luxor round the world, permeating the consciousness of mankind with its Sacred Power---."("Transmission Flame Book", p. 30)

The hope is, and it is well-founded, that unascended beings will continue giving their breath, to sustain and expand the Ascension Flame, not only in Its Base at Luxor, but all over the world, giving a new impetus to God's perfection by aspiring humanity.

As Serapis Bey and His forty chosen Ones kept vigil and expanded the Flame, as time went on, Its radiation and that of the Brotherhood spread and drew about them natives of the country, and they built the first Temple, on the design of their Atlantean architecture. The spiritual knowledge and work of the Brothers spread across the land of Egypt and the people adopted the Temple Worship as their own. Time after time, the Great Hierarch, or one or more of His disciples, returned, reimbodying and assuming anew the Office of High Priest and increasing the power and concentrated essence of the Flame. The one-pointedness of Their lives and the purity of the Flame, together with Its Momentum from Atlantis, made it known throughout the entire spiritual world that the Temple at Luxor offered particular opportunity for all those interested enough in their freedom to endure the disciplines required to abide therein to shorten the length of the Earth journey and accelerate the hour of the Union between the outer self and the God self.

And let it be known that those disciplines are not for the weak of heart and lack of mature intuition, for when the student is told to "find the source of the Nile", intuitively he must know what this means.

After entering the Temple of Luxor and being shown to a private room, distinguished by its simplicity and lack of comfort, eventually the aspirant is summoned before the Hierarch for a personal interview. As previously stated in these pages, Serapis Bey is the directing Intelligence of the Fourth Sphere, where the Higher Mental Bodies or Christ Selves of the greater number of the human race abide. It is evident, therefore, that He is well-acquainted already with the applicant's qualification and knows in advance what he can do. If he is accepted, he is assigned to one of the Brothers whose responsibility from then on is to see that the student is given the opportunity to develop according to the Hierarch's plan. The tutelage is done entirely from "behind the veil", the student being never conscious of a teacher at any time.

Often circumstances seem to "happen" in his daily life, but these are purposely and carefully planned to give him opportunity to gain mastery through self-control and initiative. Only those who are able to move forward, according to the promptings of the Godself are allowed to remain. The others, after a given time, are asked to withdraw. As it can be surmised, because of the severe disciplines, often unbearable to the weak-hearted, the membership of the Brotherhood at Luxor is smaller than any other Retreat - scarcely ever exceeds the one thousand.

Looking at the Retreat from the outside, the visitor sees a large, white stone edifice built in a perfect square. It is surrounded by a high wall, the four corners of which end in huge towers. The entrance is through massive doors which open to a large courtyard, glimpses of which one can perceive through the closely-knit grill work. The pulling of a cord, hanging beside the gate, summons the gate keeper, who lets the visitor into a veritable paradise of beauty, completely foreign to the arid desert that lies only two feet from the outer wall. Here one sees a verdant and beautiful garden with musical fountains, surrounded by flowers of various colors; in full bloom. Birds of brilliant plumage, flying and being seen on every side, add a phantasmagoria to this seemingly exotic place. Statues and other sculpture, placed on suitable pedestals, add color to the view.

At a distance, back from the courtyard, one sees the famous sanctuary of Luxor, famous to the four corners-of the Earth, for its Cosmic importance as well as its disciplines. Its Hierarch, the Mighty Serapis Bey Himself, in the following, gives us a complete picture of the Sanctuary. The excerpts are taken from an address He gave to the students on July 21, 1956, during the Transmission Flame Activity, held at Luxor.

"---This Sanctuary is built on the principle of the columns which I have always loved so well---In former times, We used them in Greece as well as in Egypt. Here they are laid out in vast squares, twelve mighty pillars to a row and eight deep so that they make great squares, one inside of the other, something like the boxes children play with. You will understand that each square gets smaller as we approach the centre and it is in this centre chamber that the Ascension Flame abides.

The forty-eight mighty columns forming the outside barrier of the Retreat are rather colorless in appearance, something like your sandstone, but the seven inside rows of columns are in the glorious colors of the Seven Mighty Rays. However, due to the fact that this Sanctuary is the focus of the Ascension Flame, the colors of the Rays do not run in their general consecutive order, the pillars forming the innermost square being of pure crystal white. The row of columns next to the outside is an exquisite sapphire blue; the next row is gold; the one inside is pink; next comes the green, then the ruby and last the violet. When one passes through the magnificent Violet Chamber, he comes face to face with the brilliant white light enfolding the Ascension Chamber.

In the spaces between these rows of pillars are the compartments and corridors in which are housed the various aspirants and chelas.

The outer corridor is the one where the neophytes are placed when they first come to Luxor. Here they are sorted, as it were, and their states of development examined by one of the Brothers before they are presented to the Hierarch (Myself in this case).

The mystic part of this Retreat is that there is no need for curtains to shut off the various corridors, because the light emanating from each one forms a barrier, and while the occupants of each one feel the radiation of light, yet they are unable to see beyond it.

Now, the occupants of the outer corridor - looking toward the blue columns - see what they think is a great wall of sapphire blue light between each of the pillars and - while they feel and enjoy its radiation, they do not see within it---. Those in the next corridor, looking toward the gold columns, think they see a wall of golden light, and so on, the same with those looking toward the pink columns - all the way in, but they all know that when a certain point in their development is reached, they are automatically advanced, each step bringing them closer to the Ascension Flame. They also know that it is, and are invariably surprised - when they are moved from one corridor to another - to see that there are people, like themselves, functioning therein---."("Bulletin", Vol. 5, #18) (Since the above was written, the Retreat and the Flame of the Ascension were transferred from the landed surface of the Earth into the Etheric Realms above Luxor.)

(Reference from earlier in chapter)

The first among the world's scientists to call man's attention to the inner region of the Earth, was William Reed who, in 1906, published "The Phantom of the Poles". Fourteen years later, in 1920, Marshall Gardner, seemingly unaware of Reed's findings, published "A Journey to the Earth's Interior", in which, repeating what Reed said, he added the existence of a central Sun to Earth's interior. Both these books based their conclusions on the reports of Arctic explorers.

In 1908, Willis George Emerson published "The Smoky God", in which he was describing the experience of Olaf Jansen who lived in the Earth's Interior for two years.

Important and revealing though these books were, they were completely ignored by the "scientific" minds of the world, and no importance was attached to them.

In 1947, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, leading an official expedition for exploring the North Pole, penetrated the hollow-region of the Earth for 1700 miles. Nine years later, in 1956, the same Rear Admiral Byrd, leading another official expedition to the Antarctic, penetrated the hollow-region of the Earth, from the South Pole, for 2300 miles.

The findings of these expeditions, world-wide in importance and significance though they were, were again ignored by "science" and, worse yet, were "hushed down" by the official Government in Washington.

In 1959, F. Amado Giannini published the "Worlds Beyond the Poles", in which, he not only repeated the above, but going further, he used the radio to awaken the people's interest on the subject. What the people learned then was:

1. That the Earth has a hollow-space in its interior, where an entire civilization of people live and who, in evolution, are our superiors by thousands of year.

2. That the Earth, and probably the other Planets of our Solar System, have openings on the North and South Poles, which permit free passage between the two polar endings. These openings are concave in form and gradually slope toward the interior; the diameter of the rim being estimated to be, for the Earth 1400 miles. (Gardner)

3. That the Magnetic Pole is not found on a definite pointed mark, as if it were if the Earth was solid, but it spread in wide circular line, with the result, when one wants to fly directly over the poles, when he reaches the eighty-two (82) degrees latitude, the magnetic needle of the compass loses its accustomed practice, becomes nervous and, tantalizingly, finally points straight down. The pilot then either changes his course until he regains his bearings, or, if he persists, without knowing it, he enters into the hollow-region of the Earth. This is what happened to Byrd. (The commercial airlines, regardless of their persisting advertisements, do not pass "across" the North Pole, but merely cross the magnetic rim of the polar opening.)

4. That in the hollow part of the Earth there is a central sun which shines continuously for twenty-four hours, creating a perpetual daytime. There is no night there.

5. The heat of this sun gives the warmth to the arctic winds, beyond the seventy (70) degree latitude, and which warmth has, for years, baffled the explorers for explanation.

6. Around the rim of the polar openings, as the waters from the rivers of the interior are emptying out, form the "icebergs" which, when they break off, cause the Polar tides.

7. That the climate of the Earth's hollow-region is subtropical with practically all kinds of vegetation growing in there. This can be seen, even from outside where immense spaces of ice are covered from petals of flowers, blown out from the interior.

8. That men from the Earth's surface did enter the hollow region of the Earth, lived there for some time and, coming out again, related what they had seen.

9. This hollow-region is estimated to be 5800 miles or more in diameter.

In the light of the above and their world-wide significance, the reader may well ask: "Why 'science', which is so eager and so anxious to find the hidden secrets of nature, has ignored and refused to further investigate - verify or reject - these findings? Why official Washington, after all the publicity that was given to the subject, kept silent, not showing the slightest interest for or against it? Were Admiral Byrd's findings mere chimeras, unworthy of serious consideration or the Government, for reasons of its own, prefers to ignore them?"

As for Admiral Byrd, we will come back; but for the latter, though true, it does not seem to hold weight. Long ago, the Russians, even before Admiral Byrd started on his expeditions, were interested in the matter and had some knowledge on it. The Russian Aruoldo de Azevedo, in his "Physical Geography", states that "below our feet, there exists an immense region whose radius. extends to 6290 kilometers, and which, being completely unknown is challenging the conceit and the competence of the scientists". Furthermore, earlier Russian explorations and the findings of Wilkins in 1929, as well as those of Bunger in 1947, in the South Pole, have given them all that they needed. Why then this dedicated silence? Two explanations can be given. One, that both the U.S.A. and Russia, and perhaps other governments, did attempt further explorations, on both the North and South Poles, and in secrecy, but the planes that were sent either failed in their mission, through the intervention of invisible and invincible Higher Powers, or, if the reverse happened, and the planes went through, did not return.29 Another is, where professional jealousy and human envy enter. It is possible that with Rear Admiral Byrd making such a tremendous discovery, greater even than Columbus' discovery of America, certain "high brass" with power and influence, in order to deprive him of his well-deserved honor and recognition, and the possible naming the new continent to his name, they purposely hushed down the whole thing, filing it away as "top secret".


In February, 1947, Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd, leading a "United States Navy Task Force" flew for seven hours, above Earth, beyond (not across) the North Pole, and reached a region not recorded in the geographies. There he did not find the eternal Polar ice as was expected, but a "land" with green and luxuriant vegetation. Mountains with thick forests of trees and other growth - actually a subtropical region. That Admiral Byrd had a dim idea of the existence of such a region can be attested by his radio message given to the press earlier in which he stated, "I'd like to see the land beyond the Pole. That land beyond the Pole is the centre of the great unknown."

Millions of people heard and read the announcement as was given out by the press and the radio; but were also the last, for the government, recognizing the importance of the discovery as it was made later, set a strict censorship upon it.

On January 13, 1956, another expedition under Admiral Byrd flew from his established base at McMurdo Sound, which is four hundred miles from the South Pole and entered into a landed region for 2300 miles "beyond" the South Pole. This was announced by radio and verified by the press on February 5, 1956. But like the findings of the North Pole, the matter was hushed down by Washington, and nothing further was given out to the public.

When Admiral Byrd returned to the States on March 13, 1956, he said, "the present expedition has opened up a vast new land." Later, before his death, he referred to "that enchanting continent in the sky, the land of everlasting mystery." Regardless of it, however, further information not only was not given out, but even that which already existed was supressed. The books of Reed and Gardner, as well as others, which in detail gave information on the above, actually disappeared. Giannini's book, which made such a thunder when published in 1959, for some imponderable reason was not advertised by its publisher and then, put aside; the remaining copies disappeared from the market. At present, to find a copy of it, even a used one, is well-nigh impossible.

At the time when Admiral Byrd was entering 1700 miles in the Earth's interior in the North Pole, Lt. Commander David Bunger, leading a U.S. Navy's "Operation High-Jump" (1946-1947) was making similar discoveries in the South Pole, known as "Bunger's Oasis". The land which Bunger discovered had no ice; it had several lakes with waters of different colors, ranging from rusty-red, green, to deep blue, with an average diameter of each lake of about three miles or more. Their water was warmer than that of the Ocean, and this was ascertained by Bunger by landing his seaplane on one of the lakes.

Thus Byrd on the North Pole and Bunger on the South Pole, were making the same discoveries in 1947. But they were not the only ones. The newspaper "Globe and Mail" of Toronto, Canada, published a photographic picture, taken from an airplane by its pilot who, seemingly, had entered the Earth's interior, on the same side Byrd had. It showed a beautiful valley with sloping hills. This picture was taken in 1960.

Besides them, there were others who physically entered the Earth's hollow interior and who, after returning to the surface, made known their findings and their experiences. Dr. Nephi Cotton, from Los Angeles, California, reported that one of his patients, a man of Nordic origin, told him of how he, with a companion, without knowing it, entered the North Pole opening.

"I lived," the man said, "near the Arctic Circle in Norway. One summer, my friend and I made up our minds to take a boat trip together and go as far as we could into the north country. So we put one month's food provisions in a small fishing boat, and with sail, and also a good engine in our boat, we set to sea. At the end of one month, we had traveled far into the north, beyond the Pole and into a strange new country. We were much astonished at the weather there. Warm, and at times, at night, it was almost too warm to sleep. Then we saw something so strange that we both were astonished. Ahead of the warm open sea we were on what looked like a great mountain. Into that mountain, at a certain point the ocean seemed to be emptying. Mystified, we continued in that direction and found ourselves sailing into a vast canyon leading into the interior of the Earth. We kept sailing and then we saw what surprised us - a Sun shining inside the Earth!

"The ocean that carried us into the hollow interior of the Earth gradually became a river. This river led, as we came to realize later, all through the inner surface of the world from one end to the other. It can take you, if you follow it long enough, from the North Pole clear through to the South Pole.

"We saw that the inner surface of the Earth was divided, as the other one is, into both land and water. There is plenty of sunshine and both animal and vegetable life abound there. We sailed further and further into this fantastic country, fantastic because everything was huge in size as compared with things on the outside. Plants are big, trees gigantic, and finally we came to Giants.

"They were dwelling in homes and towns, just as we do on the Earth's surface. And they used a type of electrical conveyance like a monorail car to transport people. It ran along the river's edge from town to town.

"Several of the inner Earth inhabitants - huge Giants - detected our boat on the river and were quite amazed. They were, however, quite friendly. We were invited to dine with them in their homes, and so my companion and I separated, he going with one giant to that giant's home and I going with another giant to his home.

"My gigantic friend brought me home to his family, and I was completely dismayed to see the huge size of all the objects in his home. The dinner table was colossal. A plate was put before me and filled with a portion of food so big it would have fed me abundantly an entire week. The giant offered me a cluster of grapes, and each grape was as big as one of our peaches. I tasted one and found it far sweeter than any I had ever tasted "outside". In the interior of the Earth all the fruits and vegetables taste far better and more flavorsome than those we have on the outer surface of the Earth.

"We stayed with these giants for one year, enjoying their companionship as much as they enjoyed knowing us. We observed many strange and unusual things during our visit with these remarkable people, and we are continuously amazed at their scientific progress and inventions. All of this time, they were never unfriendly to us, and we were allowed to return to our own home in the same manner in which we came - in fact, they courteously offered their protection if we should need it for the return voyage."(quoted from Dr. Raymond Bernard's paper, "The Hollow Earth")

A similar experience, of entrance and abode in the Earth's interior, is given by Willis George Emerson, in his book, "The Smoky God", mentioned earlier. In it, the story of Olaf Jensen is given in which the narrator - Jensen - as a youngster, followed his father, in a fishing boat, in an attempt to find "the land beyond the north wind". Windstorms carried them faster, much further out than anticipated, eventually passing through the polar opening and entering the Earth's interior. There they lived for two years and returned to the surface and the open sea through the opening of the South Pole. The father lost his life when an iceberg destroyed their boat and the son, rescued by a steamer, in time returned to Norway. In his efforts to convince others of his experience, he was thought insane, and confined into an asylum for twenty-four years. Released, finally, he immigrated to the United States where he spent the rest of his life working as a fisherman. He was ninety years old when he confided his "odyssey" to Emerson, who had befriended him. He gave him maps and other relating papers, which verified his story. He had learned the language of the people he described who, he said, were highly evolved, being able to exchange their thoughts telepathically. Physically, they were giants and they lived from four hundred to eight hundred years. In science, they were very advanced, their inventions surpassing greatly that of the men on the Earth's surface. Everything in there was of large, incredible proportions - man, trees, animals, vegetation - compared to Earthly life. The title of the book "The Smoky God", refers to the Sun there which, though smaller than the one of the outer world, appears slightly clouded and "smoky".

In the light of his narrative, it seems that Olaf Jensen with his father, were, as far as we know, the first of mankind to have entered and lived in the interior of the Earth and to learn the language of the people there. Among the exploring scientists, Dr. Fritzjof-Nausen, can claim this distinction, when on August 3, 1894, entered the interior of the Earth. Because the magnetic needle of his compass was turning steadily down, he thought himself lost and he came back. From the description he gives, his biggest surprise was the heat, the eternal dust and the footsteps of a fox for which he could give no explanation. The dust, as it was falling, blackened the ice; the dead leaves of flowers, seen there, covered large areas, with the strange part of it being that no one had seen flowers growing nearer the North Pole than 1700 miles. All the explorers have said that the further they went north, the warmer it was getting and during the winter months, they saw animals and birds moving north instead of south.


1. "---If you were to gaze upon the map of the Rocky Mountain Retreat, upon which every ancient Retreat and Sanctuary is marked, you would find that the design is geometrically perfect, both as to the scale of miles between centres and occult symbolism. These great retreats that have been established for thousands of years are not only places of training for evolving mankind, but places of storage for the wealth of the world, and living, breathing spiritual centres that act as fountains or vortices of force, to dissipate the evils of man's thinking and raise the mass consciousness.

"Wherever such a Spiritual Centre has been established, or numbers of people have gathered together and drawn Spiritual Force, you will find the substance of the Earth has responded by large deposits of gold and precious jewels, for the Forces of the Elements are most grateful and responsive to this great outpouring of Spiritual Force---."(The Chohan Lanto, to students at the Royal Teton. "Bridge", June, 1961, p. 4)

2. "Precipitation", as the term is used here, means energy through which Light Essence is drawn directly from the Universe and converted into form.

How this "Precipitation Flame" was brought to its present location, from the Continent of Lemuria, a little before its sinking, millions of years ago, Ascended Master Lanto (now the Cosmic Teacher with Kuthumi) tells us in the following:

"---Finally the day came in which the Hierarchs of the Temples were called into Conference. I was One of Them. The meeting was in regard to the "laggards", the descent of whom into the Earth was imminent---What followed their coming is known---The contagion of their thoughtforms spread like a thick fog on all the Earth's atmosphere with the result man was no longer what he used to be---It was then that the Cosmic Law ordained that Lemuria should rest under the cover of the waves. Those of Us Who could be trusted with the necessary power to take care of the Flame that for centuries was burning on our Sanctuaries, were ordered, Each One separately, to take part of the Heart Center of the Flame and transfer it to other designed spots of the Earth, where it could be safe from the impending cataclysm---I came to this beautiful land of America---."

3. As we have stated elsewhere in these pages, the Shamballa was transferred to the North Coast of Long Island, N.Y., at Thanksgiving Day, November 26, 1964. That Shamballa, however, on the etheric realms, above Long Island, is not a repetition of the original, above the Gobi Desert, which was a replica of the Shamballa City of the Sun - of Venus, and which is the official abode of the Planetary Logos there. The "Shamballa", in Long Island, is the conversion, for that purpose, of the ancient Temple of the Cosmic Holy Spirit which flourished, several thousand years ago, during the Atlantean days and remains there, on etheric realms, above its original station.

During that far away back period, this Temple was the centre focus, and the magnetic power which drew from the Cosmic the electronic currents for the Cosmic Holy Spirit, and this is one reason why the Maha Chohan, with His Advancement to the Office of Representative of the Cosmic Holy Spirit, asked and received the dispensation to re-animate it to its former grandeur and to become the centre of His Cosmic Service. This service includes all of the seven Planets of our Solar System.("Bridge", December, 1964)

4. "In the following excerpts, Paul the Venetian tells us when and from where the Flame of Liberty came to France. The address was given in New York October 3, 1953.("Bridge", Series 2, Book 1, p. 11)

"---Long before the recording of human history as it has been kept by the faulty consciousness of man, the Goddess of Liberty Herself brought the Liberty Flame to this Earth, and right here, on your present island of Manhattan, was a great Temple of the Sun in which the Flame was established. In those early ages there was no veil over your sight - no stoppage to your ears - no whirling sea of emotional energy about you - and it was easy to see the Light Bodies of Those Great Beings - the Goddess of Liberty, the Archangel Michael, the Great Manus of the race, when the mankind of Earth came to the Liberty Temple and learned how to expand that Flame, Triple in Its Activity - Love and Wisdom and Power. Ages passed, cataclysms came and went. The North American Continent sank for a time beneath the sea, and the guardians of the Liberty Flame carried safely across the Ocean into France. There it has abided and at the close of My last earth life, when My Own Master and Guru told Me that I might have the joyous privilege of removing My Consciousness and soul from the wheel of birth and death, I retired into the Heart of the Retreat which you honor and from there I entered My Freedom---."

In the following, the Goddess of Liberty tells us of Her Work and Service to humanity.("Bridge", September, 1959, p. 130)

"---"I AM" Liberty! Liberty of thought, of feeling, of word and of action; Liberty to be the fullness of your God-Self embodied; Liberty to release through the God-Self anything and everything that will be a benediction to you and to your fellowmen. "I AM" not bound by Flesh; Cosmic Spheres are My activity of service. Yet, to anyone who desires Liberty, there "I AM". "I AM" that Flame within your hearts, liberating those powers that have lain dormant until expanding through you, they can and will do those same so-called miracles performed by Beloved Jesus in His day. Liberty, beloved ones, is a most glorious gift; Liberty, when used wisely allows the soul purified to become humble and the Spirit to expand in greatness until all are Free---"

5. Due to its special qualifications, the Cosmic Law permitted this Retreat, as well as that of the Royal Teton, to remain open to the consciousness of mankind the year round.

6. It is on the etheric city above the desert of Arizona that Saint John, the Divine, is serving.("Bridge", June, 1966, p. 12)

7. Elsewhere in these pages - Chapter 29, we give some startling, yet very authentic information, in regards to a similar situation extant in the centre of the Moon, where an entire civilization of people live and evolve.

8. From Archangel Michael, we are told that the main Temple of the Retreat has a diameter of five thousand feet; it is round, and has four entrances, each one on the four points of the compass. Forty-nine steps lead to each door of gold, inlaid with jewels of blue sapphire, while its dome is made of pure gold. The amphitheater, above the Temple, of tremendous proportions, was "built" within hours on September 15, 1957.("Bulletin", Vol. 6, #26)

9. The first one lasted one month.

10. Ascended Lady Master Meta, Daughter of Sanat Kumara, in one of Her addresses said that this "Banner" is kept at Archangel Michael's Retreat at Baniff.("Bulletin", Vol. 6, #35, p. 3)

11. In the following, Chohan Kuthumi tells us how this is accomplished.

"---The Ascended Masters, having complete God-Dominion over the energies focused on Their Beings may project, at will, Their Consciousness instantaneously, through a Light Ray to any point on Earth or in the Universe. By the power known as "teleportation", They can "rocket" like an astronaut in a spherical Body to any point and there manifest in a starry or physical body.

An adept functioning in a complete spherical body is not handicapped in any way, for such a one can instantly project with utmost precision or manipulate mighty Cosmic Forces. When an Ascended Master wishes to appear, He can travel at electronic speed in spherical form and instantly materialize His form to resemble those embodied on Earth today. The Higher vehicle is all mastery and Love in constant contact with the Cosmos and Free from all elements of human creation---."

12. Goddess Venus, in an address She gave to the students of "The Bridge to Freedom", in 1955, gave the following information in regard to life in the Planet Venus.(" Bridge", Series 4, Book 4, p. 5-6)

"---Shall I speak to you a moment about Our Planet Venus? She is a magnificent Planet where every lifestream sent forth from its Holy Christ-Self is embodied in a beautiful light body, holding within itself the seed of a White Fire Being. Every such soul is completely at one with his or her Holy Christ-Self, manifesting the complete harmony of life, through the vehicles of mind, feeling, and outer form. On Our Star there is no such manifestation as decay - no rust, mold, fermentation, disease or death. All of these qualities of which I have just spoken, which are a heritage of the human race, are but the decadence of the natural activity of etherealization by which temporary form is sublimated and returned to universal light.

On Venus, precipitation (the drawing of light substance directly into form from the Universal) is performed through the use of consciously directed light rays. On Our Planet, the people invoke this light substance through thought and feeling and precipitate it into form as magnificent temples and homes of light or into glorious flame flowers, as well as into the sustenance required for the nourishment of their bodies, for their clothing and all they ever require to fulfill their Divine Plan.

At the close of a cycle of embodiment of Venus, the power of conscious etherealization is used to return the elements composing the bodies to the Universal. Having fulfilled one episode in the rhythm of evolution, the soul passes into one of the inner spheres of Venus which represent the Causal Body of the Silent Watcher of Venus; then, in time, the soul returns into embodiment again and again, until the seven rhythms of embodiment are completed in perfect harmony.

The power of etherealization is also used on occasions where We are finished with any particular precipitated manifestation. In this way, the substance is returned in love to its primal essence and does not suffer the indignities of decay, gradual, unpleasant disintegration and the very unhappy experiences of disease and death---."

In the following, Chohan Morya adds to our knowledge in regard to life in Venus.("Bridge", Vol. 1, #1, p. 3)

"---The life on Venus is under the direction of a Great Hierarchy of Perfected Men and Women called "The Lords of the Flame". They are the embodiment of Wisdom and of Love. There is but one language, one state, one race, one purpose. There is no disease, no crime, no army, no navy or any instrument of force, for physical violence and unbalance are unknown. Every citizen of this World Estate contributes his talents freely to a common cause for fifteen short years, between the ages of twenty and thirty-five. Before this time, all are educated by the State according to their particular talents and the interests of the individual citizen. After the years of service, each is allowed to pursue such spiritual and cultural studies as his nature may choose.

Old age and disintegration are unknown because there in no inharmony. At the time of passing from the screen of form, the individual utilizes the power of the Fire Element and, with the help of the Lords of the Flame, releases the atoms that made up his physical garments and his soul enters the Inner Realms for a time, returning again, at self-chosen time and to a self-chosen family for another embodiment and opportunity to complete the soul growth required before he is released from the wheel of birth and death and goes forth "to return no more". The soul on this Planet is not bound by Karmic restrictions and is capable of exerting complete freedom in choosing the parents of a future birth.

These parents are often informed by the individual prior to his "death" and, if they acquiesce in his proposed embodiment, the individual may leave in their custody many of the treasures of his current life; his books and research papers, and - on assuming his "new" personality continues in an unbroken chain of consciousness to work out his own soul development or some great service to his planetary kin.

This, of course, greatly accelerates the individual progress of the soul as well as the high degree of culture and perfection for the State, for the great minds of one generation are not lost to succeeding generations---."

13. Exactly five years later, November 19, 1960, when Gautama was already on the saddle, as Lord of the World, Sanat Kumara, as Regent now describes to us the ceremony that took place on that year on the occasion of the bringing of the "Harvest".("Bulletin", Vol. 9, #35)

"---Lord Gautama always sits on the right side of the Altar, guarding that Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame. The great procession coming in, proceeded by the Silent Watcher of the Earth, Immaculata Herself, as She brings the duplicate of the original World Plan; Gautama places His hand upon Her in gratitude for Her fidelity and then accepts that duplicate, and offers it to Me. I raise it high so that all of the Assembly may see it. Then I place it here with the gifts.

After Immaculata, come the Great Beings in graded order, and following Them, Their chelas. All the chelas wear the color of their Ascended Master's Ray. Some are behind the Elohim, some behind the Archangels, the Chohans, some walk rather independently, We shall say, up to and kneel before Lord Gautama, before the Immortal Victorious Three-fold Flame, place their sheaves upon the Altar, and then reverently, still facing the Lord of the World, proceed into the antechamber. That makes a complete circle - they enter and kneel before Lord Gautama and proceed through the main Assembly. Then they gather together, and do something which is very peculiar to many of the people of the Earth - they go into one of the lesser Temples, and absorb the radiation and pray in gratitude for My Presence, Gautama's Presence, the Presence of their Ascended Master Friends. Thus, they do not dissipate the energies of any ceremonial but rather sustain it by the power of Love."

14. Compare the above Invocation to that of Jesus given at the Retreat of Resurrection, Easter Sunday, April 10, 1966.("Bridge", July, 1966, p. 12)

"O Thou, Omnipotent One, The Supreme Source of all life, I salute Thee in reverent gratitude for the privilege Thou didst bestow upon Me, in permitting Me to take embodiment on the plane of Earth, there to leave a lasting Example of Thy Will for all men. The hosannahs which go forth this day in exultant tones are in praise of Thee, O Holy Creator of all there is. Thy Servant's humble prayer is that the Radiation which doth blanket the Planet Earth today will enable an increasing number of Thy Children to touch the hem of Thy Garment, and in so doing, will know that Thou art All there is, The Divine Principle throughout the Universe. I bow My head in humility before Thy Majestic Presence!"

15. The Temple of Truth serves also as His focus of Service.

16. A year earlier, October 17, 1953, while another Transmission Flame Activity was taking place at the Temple of Truth in Crete, Chohan Kuthumi, taking advantage of His Presence there, is giving us the following in regard to Pallas Athene and Her Twin Ray, the Maha Chohan.("Bulletin", Vol. 2 #32)

"---The hair of Pallas Athene looks like golden flax, which She wears piled high on Her head, held in place by an ivy garland. The hem of Her white robe is embroidered in the same exquisite green leaf design. The Maha Chohan wears the turban with the large golden, shining topaz in the front. His white tunic is hemmed with the same brilliant green ivy leaf design, the same motif appearing on the neck of the garment. (The ivy being symbolic of eternal life)

This beautiful and gracious lady embodies the true nature of the feminine aspect of the Deity, and it is Her happy responsibility to give to any member of the race desiring it, Her consciousness of Perfection, which is the only Truth and unchanging Reality behind this unstable world of form. Looking at Her, I can only think that it will be a happy hour when men and women alike can accept the design of their own Godhead and externalize Truth through their forms, as She has done.

It makes an exquisite complement---Truth bringing Comfort---and Comfort bringing Truth.

How perfectly balanced is the design and order of the universe - wherein God Flames are focused and qualified by certain Intelligences and held like lighted lamps in the darkness as a magnetic focus of a certain quality, until the evolving race, emulating the embodied virtue, becomes the fullness of the virtue also!

Were it not for Beings Who chose to embody the nature of Divinity, there would be no pattern toward which the outer consciousness of man could look. It is to be regretted that the love and honor and respect which were accorded to the Gods and Goddesses in the early days has been stamped as paganism in the endeavor that has been made to wipe Their memory from the consciousness of the race.

There were ages when the Beloved Pallas Athene was visible to unascended mankind. Her Presence was sought and she held connection with the seekers after Truth through the Delphic Oracles in Greece. Now again, through the conscious understanding of the student body, an opportunity is being given to direct the Flame from Her Temple and Her Brotherhood into the magnetized centres of the receptive minds and hearts of the people---. He who wishes to know Truth may do so now - He who wishes to stand in Her Presence has the opportunity - and he or she who wishes to become That which She is will receive the warmest blessings from those of Us Who serve to set life free---."

17. In one of His letters to the students, the Maha Chohan, referring to the Transmission Flame Activity, from the various Retreats, gives us an idea as to the influence they exert on the average individual.("Bulletin", Vol. 2, #35)

"---Each time the Flame from the Retreat is released, it flows forth universally through the three kingdoms and impersonally bathes the consciousness of all life, in the same manner that the sun and air bless the just and unjust alike. The conscious reception of the blessing from the Retreat is limited to the students who participate in the Transmission classes and in the nightly acknowledged of the active service going on during the thirty-day period--but a conscious impulse from within the soul of the entire ten billion lifestreams belonging to the Planet and the entire Nature Kingdom and the Angelic Kingdom, in response to the pressure of the gift of Truth from this Retreat (Crete) has never been experienced until this month. (November, 1953.)

For example, the sun may shine on a dozen individuals, all of whom will absorb its light and healing and warmth and only two may be conscious of the Presence of Helios within that Sun, Who, through the acknowledgement of His gifts may greatly intensify His blessings through themselves - whereas, the other ten are unconscious beneficiaries of that gift. In the activity of this thirty-day period, while the conscious students draw intensified blessings from the Retreat, yet a tiny tongue of Flame rose from every soul belonging to the Planet in response to that gift. In some, it may not have been as large as the smallest decimal of an inch, while in others it seems to rise a thousand feet in the atmosphere, but there is not one who did not pour forth that White Flame, which is the desire to know Truth in a greater capacity than that which the lifestream has experienced up to this time---."

Elsewhere, "Bulletin", February 21, 1954", the Maha Chohan tells us how the Transmission Flame Activity started.

"---Over the Planet Earth, for thousands of years, have been functioning beautiful Retreats, with great God-free Beings tending the Powers of the Sacred Fire drawn within them, welcoming the few among mankind whose Light drew them into that vicinity, and radiating out from these Heart Centres, certain purifying powers which did much to dissipate the psychic and astral creations that make up the lower atmosphere of the Planet.

Mankind at large had very little, if any, conscious knowledge of the existence of these Retreats, not to mention the activities, past and current, that went on within them, with the exception of the few lifestreams who were drawn within their sacred precincts throughout the years and who usually passed therefrom into their eternal freedom. However, through the past several years, more of mankind had become aware of the existence of these holy places, and so it became the Beloved Morya's project to give these people a knowledge (if they would accept it) of the current activities going on within these Retreats and thus your "Bridge" was born and it has prospered---.

Then I, looking upon His Vision and approving of it conceived an idea by which the conscious students might become part of the radiation - through their own bodies - of the Retreats that drew the attention of the entire Brotherhood for a period of every thirty days until the entire twelve months were covered. In other words, there would be twelve Retreats, each covering a thirty-day period, active within the year, each Retreat covering a different activity under the direction and supervision of members of the Hierarchy.

I envisioned a plan by which the students might become part of the radiation of the active Retreat through their own bodies and transmit this radiation from point to point on the Earth's surface in a manner similar to the transmission of the radio and television programs. I outlined this idea to the Brothers present and then asked the Beloved Morya to present it to a certain group of students, and thus was the action of the Transmission Flame Classes established---."

18. On July 16, 1960, Pallas Athene complementing an address given by Chohan Hilarion to the students gathered at the Retreat at Crete, during the Transmission Flame Activity of that month, told them the following:("Bulletin", July 31, 1960, p. 5)

"---I AM" come today to help you by giving you a visual Representation of Myself, for as Beloved Hilarion has said, many of you have forgotten Me and as so many are affrighted of My Presence. Please do not be! If the Great Maha Chohan could so easily mould the mental substance of some hundred people not trained in concentration into His Likeness, surely you, who are so well trained in concentration, can think on Me for a moment! "I AM" wearing a Grecian dress, white with the golden band here (indicating the waist.) My golden hair piled high, the ivy leaves of Truth woven through it. Think of Me smiling for a change. I know, you always think of Those of Us Who are on the Karmic Board as severe, but We do smile and We know laughter. "I AM" tall, true; almost all the Members of the Karmic Board are tall according to your human standards. All right! Now, you have a good, clear understanding, each of you, in your clear mental body. Let Us send that Visualization of Myself as the Presence of Truth Itself eastward, to follow the Transmission Flame track around the world, blessing every sincere person - with a new understanding of Truth, circling the Planet round so that I do appear as a Personage of Happiness---."

19. "---The Beloved Goddess of Truth, like the Goddess of Purity and the Goddess of Justice (Portia) is not among Those particularly wooed by mankind for people, as a rule, do not enjoy the sharp edge of Truth. For this reason, the Goddess of Truth has, to a great extent, remained in The Heart of the Silence, and Truth has been veiled in expression through the various spiritual, educational, and inspirational teachings that have come forth to date. In your daily calls, ask the Goddess of Truth to help you and you will receive from that Mighty Being a Blessing beyond anything you can presently conceive---."(The Maha Chohan, "Bulletin", Vol. 10, #26)

20. In the following, the Goddess of Truth enlightens us on certain aspects of Truth.("Bridge", March, 1963, p. 8)

"---Truth is a quality which many lifestreams shy away from because where there is imperfection of any kind, it does not meet with the enthusiasm it should. The tremendous accretion in the mental consciousness does not wish to be disturbed - the vehicle is more "comfortable" as is. Beloved ones, the fundamental rate of vibration of Truth never changes, but it does increase, as we are enabled to release this great quality to the receptive consciousness of the chelas.

Mind you, orthodoxy, whether you think so or no, is very deeply imbedded in the consciousness of the chelas. That orthodoxy does not pertain specifically to the Christian Dispensation, but goes back through the centuries that have been. Orthodoxy is agreement with accepted standards; a credo where great numbers of individuals have accepted and put into practice certain portions of Truth which were released through a dedicated individual or individuals, endeavoring to bring the concept which he or she received through their consciousness during some Era.

With the exception of certain Illumined Beings, Avatars, or Sages, like unto the great Gautama Buddha, Beloved Jesus and Others, much qualification by the individual receiving the concept took place. These facts represented Truth.

Truth is Spiritual Law and is the "stepping stone" in the process of evolution. Naturally, anyone upon the slightest introspection, will realize that We come to expand and increase that thread of Spiritual Law which has run through the various dogmas of the ages.

When complete purification has taken place, all the activities of life will proceed from the Heart of the "I AM" Presence and flow through the various vehicles without coloration of the human. Then every thought, word or deed will be a pulsation of Truth. That is the expression of the Spiritual Law which must come forth as quickly as possible, in order to not hold up the evolution of the Planet Earth and Her people---"

21. "---In the early ages on Lemuria and Atlantis, there were lifestreams upon the Planet Whose responsibility to Life was to form the Spiritual Pattern for an entire Nation and for the Planet Earth itself. These Great Beings incarnate were One with the energy of the people and by Their constant direction of attention Godward and the flow of the Energies of God through Them - They sent out such powerful radiation of Peace, Health, Harmony and Goodwill, that the entire populace felt, to a man, Their individual outpouring. This trained, without discipline, the inner natures of the people, and did away with the need of armies or navies or disciplinary law. The outpouring of harmonious energy made sickness and insanity impossible as they are only the results of discordant energy and in this Age there was no such thing as disintegration and death - which are the results of discord-(The Maha Chohan, "Bulletin", Vol. 12, #35)

22. How this "dimming" came about, the Mighty Goddess tells in the following:("Bridge", September, 1956, p. 10)

"---After the creation of the Maya by the discordant thoughts and feelings of the people who had begun to forget their Source---the "human veil" was formed inside the physical brain. This began to make Our forms less distinct to the physical sight of the people until We were just outlines and our features were no longer distinguishable. Finally, even the outlines disappeared and We remained only in memory, fable and myth. That passed down from age to age, revivified often by various sects of one kind or another who desired either to utilize Our energies honestly, or who desired to further their own ends by professing to represent Us---."

23. In the following, Chohan Hilarion gives us a picture of the Temple of Truth in Atlantis.("Bridge", Series 6, Book 4, p. 2)

"---On Atlantis, We were privileged to be among those who were the Priests and Priestesses of the Temple guarding the Flame of Truth. There the Beloved Pallas Athene was the High Priestess and Her great Light was known to every person representing the White Order on the landed surface of the Earth. Her power of magnetization of the Green Flame of Truth covered not only the continent of Atlantis, but permeated the atmosphere of the surface of the Earth at that time. It was a magnificent thing to watch Her as She turned Her attention and the currents of Her Light to the Source of All Light, and by Her powers of Invocation drew forth the Green Flame of Cosmic Christ Truth---.

During the Atlantean and the Lemurian civilization, as well as those of earlier ages, from time to time there came, from other Temples on other continents, various individuals making a visitation to the Temple of Truth. There were the great patriots who wanted Truth regarding the government of their lands. There were the great educators who wanted more Truth - the Light of Truth in their consciousness, regarding ways and means of providing proper directions for their people's education. There were the great humanitarians desirous of learning the Truth as how to better serve their fellow men. There were the great architects and designers who were eager to carry back to their own country the perfection of designs from the Temple of Truth. There were the men and woman of science who wished to perfect glorious electronic mechanisms and to carry those back to their people as magnificent inventions. Then, too, there were the great missionaries who particularly dedicated and devoted themselves to serving their fellow men spiritually. Also, from every one of the continents, there were the Priests who were powerfully active on the Seventh Ray. These visitors often (or, sometimes only once is a lifetime, depending upon the distance) visited the Temple of Truth where Pallas Athene gave forth Her radiation---."

24. Referring to this, Serapis Bey comments as follows:

"---Certain of the great cities, (of Atlantis) were hermetically sealed, and these will rise again in the coming changes, and reveal the Truth of Atlantis' perfection to all men.

However, much of her culture was to be given to the race and the generations that would live between the time of her submergence and her ultimate resurrection. To sustain this perfection on the surface of the Earth, volunteers from among the Priests and Priestesses of that day were requested to offer this service. Four thousand lifestreams volunteered, and together with forty priests, prepared to carry the Sacred Fire across the seas to certain designated locations where New Foci of the Ascended Master Perfection would be drawn forth, sustained and expanded for the good of the race.

Of these four thousand, only four hundred reached their destination. Time and Karmic conditions were such that the Cosmic moment could not wait the arrival of the vessels at their locations, if they were delayed for any reason beyond a certain date. We were among those fortunate enough to encounter no adverse winds, no particular unconsumed destructive Karma in the members of our little band, and with the pressure of My Will, and with no sleep for ten of our number who spelled each other off each night, we rowed night and day, and succeeded in reaching the mouth of the Nile only a matter of hours before the cataclysm spent itself---."(From a letter of Serapis Bey to the students January 14, 1953)

25. The following excerpt is taken from an address of Chohan Hilarion at the Retreat at Crete, January 17, 1957.("Bridge", Series 6, Book 4)

"---We honor that Great Temple of Truth, the memory of which, at the sinking of Atlantis was brought over to the present Grecian Peninsula in the minds and hearts of the Priests and priestesses Who had loved it and had retained the idea of that beautiful Temple of Pallas Athene. When the Temple of Truth was established originally in Greece, it took many, many centuries of embodiments and reembodiments upon behalf of the Priests and Priestesses devoted to its teaching before the actual magnificent Temple Itself was physically manifest. This was almost an exact duplicate in its beauty and perfection of the original Atlantean Temple. You see, once you have looked upon a thing, it remains in your memory, recorded in your etheric body (for instance as you might look upon one of the public buildings in your city) then you hold that idea in mind. Now, if you had tenacity enough, energy enough, constancy enough and substance enough, you could recreate that public building at any other place on the Earth's surface. That is what was done at Luxor, in Greece, in Shamballa and various other places where these Temples were established. The patterns were brought in the minds and consciousness of those who had been present in the height of the great glory of those Temples. Those individuals, remember, were under the Law of the "Bands of Forgetfulness" which allowed the possibility of their losing the memory of those patterns when they passed on at the close of each embodiment---.

Those beings who created this Grecian Temple of Truth were, of course, under the radiation of Pallas Athene and they received the tremendous protection of Her love and light. Centuries came and went and finally, like the great palaces of Luxor, the magnificence of the Temple of Truth began to fall into decay through the decline of the Grecian civilization---. Presently, in the etheric atmosphere, over Crete, We have a magnificent replica of the Temple of Truth. It looks something like the Parthenon, the ruins of which may be seen today, but very much larger---.

26. In regard to Delphic Oracles, Chohan Hilarion is giving us the following: ("Bridge", Series 6, Book 4)

"---After that time - there arose the Order known as the Delphic Oracles. These were Beings, most of Whom had belonged to Pallas Athene's Court. These Delphic Oracles performed the same service as Our speaker, and any God-Being--could use the body of such an Oracle upon occasion, in order to give instruction to a group who would gather together to receive that assistance.

The original Delphic Oracles were carefully trained from early childhood. They were protected from all contact with the outside world and therefore from all pressure of personality of their own or others. They were a clear "pipeline" through which the Divine Beings could reach the few who were seeking Truth upon this Planet Earth. Then, as you have been told, the Oracles no longer remained completely pure. Several of these who had performed services of black magic on Atlantis sold themselves for profit to various governments, and the messages which they gave to the credulous people were previously written out for them by some unscrupulous individual who had brought the services of that Oracle in order to further his "cause". So the light of the Delphic Oracles went out, and a great many of the people, completely disillusioned at that time, have not recovered from this disappointment even to the present day---It is to those people I have personally dedicated a great portion of My life, hoping to bring them to the point where they do desire to know the Truth which will set them free---."

In another talk, given three years earlier, April, 1954,("Bridge", July, 1954, p. 6-7), Chohan Hilarion is giving us additional details in regard to the decline of the Delphic Oracles.

"---Beloved Vesta Herself was the first Goddess of Truth for this evolution.

The Beloved Pallas Athene assumed that Office and has embodied that Virtue in the Temple of Truth. She was one of the first Cosmic Vestal Virgins representing the Virtue of Truth in the electronic belt around the Sun. The drawing forth of Truth in every age has been under the direction of Beloved Vesta and Beloved Pallas Athene as well as the Chohan holding the Office of the Fifth Ray---.

In early Greece, during the time when the Oracles of Delphi were so active, the very first Vestal Virgins were completely dedicated to magnetizing pure Truth. They did draw forth, repeat and record the Truth from the lips of the Beloved Vesta and Beloved Pallas Athene, these records remaining today within the keeping of the Brotherhood at Crete. This Spiritual Order of Vestal Virgins endured for almost seven hundred years. At the close of this period, one Vestal Virgin was taken into the group who did not live up to the vow of purity of mind or of body. The contagion spread through the entire endeavor because of this individual and brought the Oracle of Delphi to ruin. This destroyed the connection and contact between the Beloved Vesta, Beloved Pallas Athene and the people of Earth.

The recordings of the Oracles of Delphi which are presently in the hands of the people are of this degenerate and dishonest organization which took control of the Oracles after its "Fall"---."

Referring to the latter, Pallas Athene, in one of Her addresses(Series 6, Book 4, p.9), said the following:

"---There will be born here on Earth---this year (1957) two lifestreams ---They belonged to the Delphic Band during its decline, so will you please---make calls that the cause and core of that weakness be removed from them, and that those individuals when they reach their majority, may re-attain the dignity of the Delphic Priesthood which We once knew and saw manifest upon this Earth---."

27. On the anniversary of His "Day of Enlightenment", May 8, 1958, Lord Gautama, presently the Planetary Logos of this Earth, addressing the students at the Retreat of God's Will at Darjeeling, India, gave many and some hitherto unknown details of His endeavors in search for God-Truth.("Bridge", August, 1958)

As for the Love He feels, we see it demonstrated annually, during the Wesak Festival, on the night of the full moon in May, in India, where He comes to bless the pilgrims as well as the rest of humanity. In the following excerpt, Chohan Paul the Venetian comments upon it.("Bridge" May, 1954, p. 11)

"In March, the pilgrims of Asia begin to respond to the magnetic power of Love Divine and turn their attention toward the spiritual currents set up by the Great White Brotherhood in preparation for the Visitation of Lord Gautama Buddha at the Wesak Festival, on the night of the full moon, in the mystic month of May. There is no definite place which is set for the celebration of this Cosmic Event. Each year, the valley chosen is known only to the Brotherhood. The light in the heart of the pilgrims, the sincerity of their motives, and the tenacity of their endeavors, determine whether or not they will arrive in the chosen valley and receive the added benediction through their physical garments as well as their inner vehicles which naturally gravitate toward the celebration through the power of the attention when the physical body sleeps. For all these earnest and prayerful pilgrims, let us whisper together a prayer: "Lead, Kindly Light, their feet to this Holy Shrine".

28. "---Human nature knows neither tolerance, understanding, nor true love. All unascended beings share this human nature to some extent for what might be called self-preservation in this world of form. The humility and self-denial that represents the vows of Church Orders were endeavors to deny the human nature and assume the Divine. However, denial by human will is not the answer. Invocation by the chela to an Ascended Master to enter into his daily activities is a simple way to deny the outer and let the Divine flow through the form---." (The Maha Chohan, "Bulletin", Vol. 11, #41)

29. It is one thing to accidentally discover and see a forbidden region or place unselfishly and even explore it, but an entirely different thing when, in the discovery, the human selfishness, greed and discord enter. This explains the oftrepeated mystery of individuals who, having accidentally discovered caves and "abandoned" or "lost" mines with rich veins of valuable ore, particularly gold, when they return to it, but with a selfish motive of exploitation, the place seems as if it never existed.


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