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Catherine Lynn Ceci
Animal Communicator

Catherine travels giving workshops, lectures and private readings. Her work demonstrates how inner communication is an integral part of the tapestry of life that weaves the common thread between all living creatures.

Her empathic sensitivities have helped many people with their beloved horses and other animal friends.

This Web Site has several sections, and they are briefly described as follows:

 Home Page -- The page you are now reading.

 About Catherine -- Biography and testimonials.

 Animal Consultations -- Services for your animals, in person or by telephone.

 Workshops & Lectures -- Information and Cathy's current schedule.

 What the Animals Say -- Stories the animals have told Cathy.

 Coping with Losses -- Helping you through your grief.

 Photo Gallery -- Some of Cath's favorite photos.

 Florida Morgan Horse Association Review of Catherine

  An Interview with Animal Communicator Catherine Ceci

  An Interview in the Tallahassee Democrat

 In Memory of PSA 

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Catherine Lynn Ceci Monticello, FL 850-342-1248

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